Morning Rundown: Benny Hinn Speaks Out Amid Controversy

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Benny Hinn Speaks Out Amid Controversy

Pastor. Preacher. Author. Charlatan.

Evangelist Benny Hinn has been called a lot of things and held many titles over the years, and whether people love him or hate him, they still cannot stop talking about him and his recognizable crusades.

As the information era continues moving forward, Hinn’s reach has only grown, and critics are able to make a career out of reacting to decades-old videos of Hinn from as far back as the 1980s and 90s.

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Texas Boy Survives Tornado’s Grip in Remarkable Miracle

A family is rejoicing in an “absolute miracle” after a 7-year-old boy survived being thrown by a deadly tornado in Abilene, Texas.

The Lambert family told KWTX-TV they were hiding in a closet as the tornado ripped through their neighborhood over the weekend, utterly destroying their home.

Freddy McKinney, a storm chaser, helped rescue the Lamberts while he was filming the harrowing tornado hover over their house. Wes and Kasey Lambert—along with their daughter Allie and son Lane—found shelter in a closet.

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What Is the ‘Jezebel Spirit’? Understanding Baal, Demonic Powers and Witchcraft

What is the “Jezebel spirit?” Some have likely pondered this question in the wake of recent drama surrounding controversial Pastor Mark Driscoll.

Radio host and author Dr. Michael Brown told CBN the “Jezebel spirit” is tied to a demoniacal figure in the Old Testament named Jezebel.

“Jezebel is arguably the most wicked woman in the Bible,” Brown, host of Line of Fire Radio, said. “She was a Phoenician princess and an ardent worshiper of [the Canaan and Phoenicia god] Baal.”

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