Why This Modern-Day Prophet Says Prophecy Is Real, Supernatural Is on the Rise

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Steve Strang

Many believers today—even within the charismatic-Pentecostal tradition—question prophetic ministry. And these questions have only escalated following the 2020 election, giving rise to the recent Prophetic Standards Statement as reported on Charisma News.

Pastor Chris Reed of the Apostolic Revival Center in Peru, Indiana, who functions in the prophetic, says people have long questioned prophetic ministry. Despite the doubters and naysayers, he says genuine prophecy exists and that, in fact, he believes we are in a season of Luke 4:18 anointing with an accompanying increase in the supernatural as the fear of the Lord rises.

Reed has been used of the Lord to give some amazingly accurate prophecies, including one of someone shooting at the White House a day and a half before it happened while then-President Trump was giving a speech. He says he also prophesied that Boris Johnson would be named prime minister of England nearly a year before that event occurred. Yet he’s familiar with the criticism of the prophetic.

“I’m very conscious of there being critics out there, and rightfully so; I understand, we’re to try the spirits,” he says. “And especially in the digital age we’re living in, you know, I think people are naturally suspicious.” He says people will point to truths shared in a prophecy and say the person knew those facts via natural knowledge—someone else told the prophet about them, or he had another way of finding them out apart from the supernatural.

What Reed does, he says, is to ask God to “Give me things, amidst the words that could be known, even though I don’t know them, give me words that no one could know—absolutely could not know in any way, shape or form.” He shares an example from a recent time of ministry in Alabama, saying, “There’s s a grace. It’s not just about revealing details or information about people’s lives, but it actually releases a grace to complete a work in their lives.”

In Alabama, Reed says, he called a woman out of the crowd who he later learned was near death due to a congenital heart defect. “I think the Lord gave me the names of her children, and gave me a P.O. Box number, which shocked me, I you know, but I can only give what I what I see. And it was the P.O. Box number of a house … an address she and her late husband had … but he died 10 years prior in a four-wheeler accident,” Reed says.

“And from that moment on a spirit of oppression and depression come over her,” he adds. “And it almost seemed to begin working in her health and deteriorating her health. And when I spoke those words, and she told me, ‘That was the last address that my husband and I had, and that’s where we were living when he was killed,’ I said, ‘Well, then that is the reason why the Lord revealed that is because that was the place where this circumstance and situation with your health begin to deteriorate even further.'”

The woman experienced a healing warmth that went throughout her body, Reed says. “The next day, she left the conference and reported that she walked five miles along the beach. And this is the most incredible, undeniable part. She had pictures and images of tests done on her heart prior to that, where there were actually parts and pieces of her heart that were never there. They never grew and developed in her. … She went back and got images done of her heart after that. And not only were her heart and the valves no longer leaking, but the parts of her heart that were never there were miraculously there. You could compare the before and after imaging, and it was drastically different.

“And when I saw that, when I heard that, I thought, You know, this shouldn’t be unique,” Reed says.

“And I believe that … as the world gets darker, there’s going to be a remnant of people who rise up in the power of God, and their light is going to be brighter as the world’s gets darker,” he says. “And we’re going to see this more and more as the fear of the Lord returns to the church. And I believe a Luke 4:18 anointing, ‘The Spirit of the Lord is upon Me, because He has anointed Me to preach the gospel, open the blind eyes, recovery of sight to the blind, and [bring] deliverance to the oppressed.’ … I think that’s the season we’re in.”

Reed says he released this word at his church and at Rick Joyner’s MorningStar Ministries recently, and he believes signs and wonders like this will only increase.

For much more from Chris Reed about the prophetic and how God is releasing a Luke 4:18 anointing today, listen to the entire episode of the Strang Report at this link and watch Reed’s entire teaching here. Be sure to subscribe to the Strang Report on Apple Podcasts and on your favorite podcast platform. {eoa}

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