Nutrition Expert K.C. Craichy’s Advice for Boosting Your Immunity During COVID-19 Pandemic

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COVID-19 is on everyone’s mind. It’s all over the news, all over social media and even all over pastors’ sermons. Almost everyone is wondering what to do to prevent from getting the dreaded virus.

My good friend K.C. Craichy, a leading health advocate and nutrition expert, has an answer to that. He says that one of the best ways to guard against the coronavirus is by being in strong health. People are constantly talking about washing your hands and maintaining social distance. And while those things are helpful, they can’t fully protect you.

In an article Craichy wrote, which we posted on Charisma News, he explains that many foods actually lower your immune system, making it more likely for you to get sick. Foods that are high in carbohydrates and drinks that are high in sugar can lower your immunity for hours afterward. That includes white bread, pasta, pizza, rice, grains, sweet drinks and even some fruits.

“Don’t eat or drink things that will compromise your immunity,” he says. “Obviously that includes soft drinks and even alcohol and a bunch of sugar in your coffee—even milk in coffee, because milk is a sugar.”

The reason for this is that when you eat these foods, your body expends energy to break them down—the same energy it could be using to protect you from illness. This is why it’s crucial that you consume the proper nutrients through natural foods, especially fermented foods and probiotics.

“At least start here with these seven lifestyle nutrition areas: hydration, nutrition, exercise, stress, sleep, environmental hazards, and meditation and prayer,” he says. “So this is kind of a lifestyle approach. If you start looking at those areas and grading yourself … you go down the whole list. Being healthy and maintaining that immunity, not doing things to literally compromise your immunity in the midst of a battle, is my general recommendation.”

Craichy’s advice isn’t just important right now with COVID-19 going around. It’s crucial advice to follow all the time. And yet how many Christians don’t follow these simple guidelines to take care of the bodies God gave them?

As we follow these simple nutrition guidelines, we can be the light of the world in a time of increasing panic and fear. Hysteria may spread around the nation, but it doesn’t have to spread to us.

“I think it’s time for Christians to rise up and show why they want to run to the church and not run away in fear, like so many of them are doing,” Craichy says. “And I understand them, because there is so much unknown. If you listen to the news for one day, you get so confused.”

If you feel confused about COVID-19 after listening to the news, I encourage you to check out more of Craichy’s advice at livingfuel.com. At the bottom of Craichy’s article, he shares a list of links where you can dive deep into health advice to protect you and your family.

Learn more of Craichy’s health insight by listening to my podcast today!

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