New ReAwakening Docuseries Is Mind-Blowing (Really)

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Steve Strang

I just watched the first episode of the new ReAwakening Docuseries that documents what’s happening in America, and I was blown away.

It’s riveting and even better than the trailer shows. It’s a powerful story about how Clay Clark’s vision to reawaken America is taking fire across the country.

ReAwakening tells the story behind why Clay Clark joined with Gen. Michael Flynn to hold huge ReAwaken America Tour events in Oklahoma, California, Florida, Texas and many more locations.

I even had the privilege of speaking at several of these events.

The new ReAwakening Docuseries shows how the ReAwaken America Tour events are becoming a huge catalyst for Americans frustrated with what’s happening in America. These events are drawing people from around the country who need encouragement and want to know what they can do to fight back

I was intrigued when I found out that Matt Thayer, award-winning producer of The Trump I Know, was doing it. I’d seen that documentary, and it was excellent.

When I heard it was releasing in mid-December, I wanted it on our new CharismaPlus platform to stream videos.

After watching the trailer I negotiated an exclusive for the month before, knowing it would be a huge boost for our new platform and my way to get the word out.

The documentary is NOW AVAILABLE at WatchReAwakening.com.

It’s well worth the $17.76 cost. And until mid-December it is available exclusively through Charisma. Then it will be available on many sites, and we will continue to offer it, but it won’t be an exclusive.

In the process of setting this up, I got to know Matt Thayer, and I invited him to my Strang Report podcast, which we recorded a few days ago and which you can listen to here, to discuss this stunning new documentary, a planned docuseries with three more parts to come, and how he sees God using it as a part of Clark’s movement.

Thayer says his artistic approach to the documentary centered on the concept of reawakening. “It’s just this idea of waking up to this new world where suddenly, we’re realizing that our government has been actually working against us. And there are some of these things that we’ve forgotten from our past that we need to be reminded of.”

But ReAwakening, in direct contrast to the darkness it exposes, doesn’t tell anyone what to think. In fact, the film doesn’t even have a narrator. Instead, Thayer uses a tapestry of story, art and ideas to present questions to consider and allow people to reach their own conclusions. In this way, he believes, the truths of ReAwakening will reach an entirely different level of people than the tour events.

Both Thayer’s faith and his passion for history played into this project. After the confusion and conflict surrounding the 2020 presidential election, he had already put together a pitch for a similar documentary, but it remained on the shelf until Clark approached him.

“I’ve been passionate about the fact that I don’t believe that Christians have been as involved as we should be,” Thayer says. “I think we’ve lost some of our willingness to be a part of the conversation when it comes to—most anything in the world, but especially in politics. And we kind of tackle that in the documentary.”

Thayer says they brought in a historian, William Federer, whose insights heighten the film’s impact. “We talk about our country’s founding as being biblically based, but sometimes we don’t unpack what that means,” Thayer says. “But it was a pastor’s sermon that actually inspired the constitution of Connecticut, and for almost 200 years, Connecticut was governed by this constitution, which was essentially a written sermon. And other pastors have been involved in the signing of the Declaration of Independence. … We even have a story in the documentary of two brothers who had conversations about whether or not you should get involved. And both of those pastors ended up being in the first House of Representatives—one of them ended up being the Speaker—and they passed the First Amendment.

“And these guys didn’t pass it as an amendment or a law that outlawed themselves as pastors,” Thayer says. “So pastors are very much supposed to be a part of the conversation, in politics and in government. And I think one of the reasons why we’re seeing the godlessness that we’re seeing today is because we’ve left the room and you know, when the light leaves the room, the darkness prevails.”

Thayer also speaks to the accusations of Christian dominionism leveled against Clark and those who support his movement. “It’s not about creating some sort of theocracy,” he says. “You can actually look at this scientifically, and you can show that the Judeo-Christian ethic is the only belief system that celebrates the individual over the group. And when you celebrate the individual over the group, you actually invoke liberty—liberty is the result. But when you celebrate the group over the individual, tyranny is always the result.”

Thayer says pastors and other Christian leaders have an amazing opportunity to show the world that biblical truth is the way to liberty. “It’s really not about dogma; it’s just about the fact that it works,” he says.

For much more from filmmaker Matt Thayer about the new ReAwakening Docuseries, available now on the Charisma Plus app, listen to the entire episode of the Strang Report here and be sure to view ReAwakening at WatchReAwakening.com. Once you download it, you’ll be able to watch it on Android devices, Apple TV and Roku TV. Subscribe to the Strang Report podcast on Apple Podcasts or your favorite podcast platform for more inspiring, informative stories like this one.

Clay Clark invited me to speak at his ReAwaken American tour in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and also Colorado Springs, Colorado, about the dangers of cancel culture in our society

God Cancel Culture R
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