Mike Lindell Says God’s Justice Will Eradicate ‘Communist’ Cancel Culture

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Steve Strang

Despite cancel culture’s desperate attempt to silence him and ruin his company, MyPillow’s Mike Lindell hasn’t stopped fighting for truth and freedom in America. He truly believes what happened in November’s election was a great injustice for this country, and he has tirelessly worked to help overturn it.

Lindell told me on a Strang Report podcast recently that if the Supreme Court agrees to look at the election evidence he and his team has compiled, Donald Trump will be back in office by August.

But, Lindell says, it’s up to those conservatives who believe in the cause to get the word out to everyone to see that justice is done and to drive out the “communists” he says are currently in power.

“The election came and went, and all of a sudden when I got new evidence on January 9 that all of this was done through machines in an attack by China and I started putting it out there, the cancel culture started attacking me,” Lindell says. “I started being attacked through my business, and with that, we knew that they were hiding something.

“All of the evidence we have—and you can see it all on frankspeech.comthese are cyber footprints. We have it for every part of this election now, and we’re 100% certain that it will stand up in court anywhere. That’s one way for everyone, including Democrats, to be educated about all of the evidence we have.

“Another action is to watch the movie, Absolute Interference. You can see it on frankspeech.com and lindelltv.com. You watch that and you’re going to see 19 of these cyber attacks, which I had completely validated by white hat hackers, who worked for our government. I spent five weeks with them validating the evidence we have. What they did was they came back and said it was 100% what happened. They know the buildings they came from, the IP addresses and the IDs of the computer. They know exactly what time the interference came over here, and how much vote was flipped. That’s a cyber print.”

“People also need to pray and to let their friends and family know to pray for this,” Lindell says. “We need to bring our voices together.”

Lindell says we are in the middle of a spiritual battle between good and evil, but because God is on our side, believers need to stop living in fear and start living out our faith. It’s the only thing that can save our country.

“So, the battle is, when we get to the Supreme Court, they need to look at it and accept it,” Lindell says. “When they do, it’s going to be 9-0 and they are going to pull down this election.” {eoa]

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