Listen to This Powerful Prophetic Word About Cuba’s Freedom From Tony Suarez

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The island nation of Cuba has undergone the oppression of a communist government for decades under the Castro family. Nearly a month ago, many of the people said, “Enough is enough,” and they took to the streets in protest of a government that has kept the people under its boot for far too long.

And while that government is still in control of Cuba, my friend, Tony Suarez, COO of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference and founder of Revivalmakers, recently prophesied during a service at Church Alive International in Roanoke, Virginia, that God would soon set that nation free.

Suarez says Cuba wasn’t necessarily on his mind when he preached that night, and his prophecy wasn’t something he had prepared for. The prophetic word simply flowed out of Suarez on behalf of the Cuban people.

“In all places, why would God speak about Cuba in Roanoke, Virginia?” Suarez says on a recent episode of the Strang Report podcast. “To be transparent, it’s not something that I’ve really been praying about, either.

“Earlier that day, I had been at lunch with the pastors of the church, and they introduced me to a friend of theirs who is from Cuba,” Suarez says. “He’s a pastor there, and he is literally stranded in the United States. He cannot get back to his family. We had some general conversations about his desire to get home to his wife and to his children, and to his church. But that was it. There was no discussion necessarily about the status of the church.

‘We went into the revival service,” Suarez says. “God blessed many that were healed. We had deaf ears opened. We had a lady who was on crutches and had a boot on her leg. She took it off on the altar and she started leaping and dancing. We were having miracle after miracle. And in the midst of that miracle flow of the Holy Spirit, God dropped that word in my heart about Cuba. There was a strong anointing of the Holy Spirit to release that word.”

This is the prophetic word Suarez released about Cuba that night:

Thus saith the Lord, “By this time next year, I will have done a great work in the island of Cuba. I will move on behalf of the church. I will move on behalf of the people. I will move on behalf of the land. For I, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, have seen a hyena named Castro raise its ugly head decade after decade. But I, the Lord say, “Enough is enough. I will cleanse your capital; I will cleanse your government. And I, the Lord, will set your people free.”

And the Lord says, “When I do the work, the people will not say ‘Donald, Donald, Donald.’ They will not say, ‘Joe, Joe, Joe.’ They will say, ‘Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.’ For that island will serve the Lord.”

During the podcast, Suarez went on to say that he believes in his spirit that the Lord is causing prophetic words, like the one he released about Cuba, to come forth to reestablish the integrity of the prophetic for those who are trying to question It right now and to diminish its power.

Pentecost is “on a comeback,” he says, and revival is here.

“I think 2020 came, and I think the enemy took his very best shot through a virus, though racial tension and through strife,” Suarez says. “He took his very best shot to debacle the church. I think he thought he was going to shut us down, but he provoked us. This has misfired on the enemy. So, even with the assault and the attacks of trying to silence the true prophets of God, the true prophets are being provoked to prophesy like never before and to be bold with their prophecies.”

As for Cuba, Suarez says that by August 2022, there will a significant change in that country, and God is about to do something big there. That’s why I believe this prophecy from Suarez is very important. And that’s why I want my podcast listeners to click on the link and watch it in full.

It’s powerful, and let us all pray that this prophecy is confirmed and that it comes to fruition. {eoa}

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