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Jonathan Cahn’s New Prophetic Movie Is a ‘Trumpet Call Across America’ for Revival

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Shawn Akers

On May 12, Jonathan Cahn’s new movie, The Harbingers of Things to Come, hits 822 theaters for its nationwide debut. Initially Cahn planned for the movie to be shown in theaters for one night, but because the ticket sales quickly exceeded his expectations, a showing on May 19 has been added to fill the growing demand.

Cahn has written six New York Times bestselling books, but he has never done a theatrical release of a movie until now. Although Cahn is an accomplished author, he acknowledges that, for many people, books aren’t the best medium. But those same people might go to a movie.

“We’ve never done it in theaters,” Cahn says. “We were praying about it … ‘Should it be? Lord, confirm it.’ And it just took off. The momentum of this just took off very powerfully.”

Theaters in Cahn’s area of New Jersey began to sell out. Cahn even jokes that theaters might be so full that he won’t get to watch it. “This is a trumpet call across America, by the grace of God, that all these theaters—major theaters-—have opened up their doors,” he says.

The Harbinger, Cahn’s first book about 9/11, detailed how the United States is paralleling the path ancient Israel took to turning away from God and eventually being destroyed. The new movie will show how 9/11 was just the beginning and what steps America has taken toward destruction since 2001.

“The culture around us is racing away from God,” Cahn says. “That’s why it’s all the more important to sound the trumpet.”

Get your tickets for this prophetic wakeup call here: harbingersofthingstocome.com/. And please tune into this compelling episode of The Strang Report as I interview Rabbi Jonathan Cahn prior to the release of this blockbuster movie. {eoa}

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