American Jew Exposes Left’s Dark Agenda Against Christian Values in U.S.

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Steve Strang

There’s a war to destroy America, but one man is determined to expose the left’s nefarious agenda. David Horowitz, an American Jew, recently wrote a book called Dark Agenda, in which he reveals just how fiercely the far left is trying to destroy this nation’s founding Judeo-Christian values.

But Horowitz wasn’t always a champion for biblical values. At one point, he was a liberal radical, but when he saw the corruption on the left, he knew he had to make a change. I recently interviewed Horowitz for my “In Depth With Stephen Strang” podcast, which you can listen to by clicking here or clicking on the podcast icon in this article.

“I’m an agnostic, which makes me a real outsider and a former radical,” Horowitz tells me. “So I understand what these attacks are about. I think it’s a unique witness to the virtues of Christianity that it’s under such attack from the anti-American left. … Every virtue we hold dear as Americans, every principle, every value—equality, inclusion, tolerance, pluralism—these are all Christian ideas. They originated with Protestant Christians. And the more you learn about this religious history, the more you realize that America could only have been created by Protestant Christians.”

Even though the left’s mantra today is equality and tolerance, the truth is that those values only extend to those who aren’t conservative Christians. Horowitz says the left also misinterprets the Establishment Clause, which asserts that the U.S. shall make no establishment of religion. Liberals take that to mean the government can make no mention of God or support anything that is religious. But Horowitz says this simply wasn’t what the Founding Fathers intended.

“[They wrote the Establishment Clause] because 98% of the people who created this country were Protestant Christians, and they were fleeing religious persecution and established churches,” he says. “But they said a prayer like ‘God Almighty, thank You for protesting us and our parents and our country.’ Twenty-three words doesn’t establish a church, but the left is completely unprincipled.”

Horowitz says when the Supreme Court made the decision to kick prayer out of schools, President John F. Kennedy didn’t put up a fight. More and more, the left has taken control of what is allowed and taught in schools, to the point that Horowitz says schools are often simply communist indoctrination centers.

This this leftist control didn’t happen all at once. It happened little by little, as Democrats pushed their agenda in unconstitutional ways.

“Roe v. Wade was a hubristic decision,” Horowitz says. “It had nothing to do with the Constitution. It was based on an invented right to privacy, but there’s nothing private about abortion. But they rolled over the whole country. The same thing happened with the gay marriage issue. I don’t happen to be against gay marriage, but I don’t like that it was decided by one vote and the [5,000-year-old institution of marriage] and just redefine it. That’s a prescription for civil war.”

In fact, these kinds of destructive decisions were the reason Horowitz distanced himself from the far left.

“I left the left because I saw how destructive it was,” he says. “It defended murderers like the Black Panther Party, who murdered my friends. It supported communists in Vietnam, pretending to care about the enemies, and when the communists proceeded to slaughter 2.5 million Indo-Chinese peasants, there were no protests. All I saw was an evil movement in the left. And then I had to reexamine what I thought about America. The first thing that occurred to me was this: You know, we all cherish our inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. But how do you get a right if there’s no God? You can’t.”

Horowitz realized that if the government was the one who gave the people their rights, then the government could easily take them away. He came to the conclusion that this country was founded upon the belief that God gave people inalienable rights, and as a result, that religious heritage should be honored and respected. But now, he says, respect for religious people has all but vanished in our country.

Now, as the left tries to trample religious rights underfoot, it’s creating a prescription for war, Horowitz says. In fact, the only reason the U.S. isn’t experience a literal civil war, he explains, is that the government is too powerful. And as a result, the fight has turned into a war for the presidency. Just look at the way Democrats have viciously attacked President Trump in an attempt to unseat him.

“You can see the Democratic Party has lost its collective mind,” Horowitz says. “They’re reckless, subversive, seditious accusations against the president [that he’s] a Russian agent—which is an incredible lie.”

So what can everyday American Christians like you and me do to combat this trend?

“Christians have to deal with this issue of turning the other cheek,” Horowitz responds. “Jesus also said, ‘I bring not peace, but a sword.’ You have to fight at some point. And thankfully, the evangelical Christians did fight. They elected first Ronald Reagan and then Donald Trump.”

Horowitz is right—Christians across the U.S. have to stand up for their inalienable rights or the left will try to take them away. I encourage you to read Horowitz’s Dark Agenda. I have enjoyed reading it so far, and I think you will too.

Be sure to listen to the podcast to hear more of Horowitz’s keen insights into what’s going on in our nation today. And if you enjoy the podcast, share it with your friends!

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