Alveda King: Liberals Rage at Gov. Northam’s Racism but Ignore Grotesque Push for Infanticide

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Steve Strang

The media has trumpeted Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam’s disgraceful mistakes in high school. It started when a photo surfaced of Northam and his friend, one in blackface and the other in a Ku Klux Klan costume. Both Democrats and Republicans denounced Northam’s racism, and he quickly apologized publicly for the insensitive yearbook picture. But although liberals rightly denounced Northam’s racism, Alveda King says, they failed to discern the greater horror—Northam’s blatant support for infanticide.

“When it came to light that Dr. Northam was involved in that [photo], everybody wanted to be outraged,” says Alveda, founder of Priests for Life and niece of Martin Luther King Jr. “And my response to that was, ‘OK, that was 30-something years ago. We can forgive that. However, if you are still engaged in the very same practices that the blackface and the hood represent right now, today—as in killing little babies who are living human beings—there’s a problem.”

Alveda says that’s exactly what Northam is doing. Last month, he pushed for a new bill that would loosen restrictions in Virginia on abortions during the third trimester of pregnancy. In essence, the bill would allow a baby to be killed even up to the day of birth. In an exclusive interview with Alveda, she told me that Northam is a trained pediatrician, and as such, he knows the child inside the womb is a human being.

“Gov. Northam [said] that if the baby was intended to be aborted and is born alive, he would keep that baby comfortable and at that same time have a discussion with the mother and with the doctor and decide if the baby would live,” Alveda says. “And he admitted, in his own words, that that would be infanticide.”

It seems as the years go by, the abortion movement becomes more and more radical. At first this radical infanticide was kept hidden. For instance, although George W. Bush banned partial-birth abortions during his administration, Dr. Kermit Gosnell performed illegal late-term abortions in Philadelphia until he was arrested in 2011.

“[He] had been caught bringing babies to life and puncturing their heads and killing them in the birth process,” Alveda says. “All of this was hidden by the medical profession and elected officials. Now, Gov. Northam brought it to light—as a pediatrician turned governor—admitting and knowing that is a live human being, he brought it to life and called it exactly what it is. It’s infanticide.”

So what is the next step? Will America soon subscribe to the philosophy of Dr. Peter Singer, who thinks it’s fine to kill babies up to 2 years of age because they’re not rational beings until then? Alveda says the infanticide movement is gaining ground in the U.S.—and as Christians, we have to do something about it.

“There’s a full movement supported by politicians and medical professionals that supports the killing of little babies,” Alveda says. “It will always take an awakening. … We have to seize the day and say, ‘Don’t turn away. Look at it. Stop it. Do something.’ And I believe that as we do that and demand our elected officials do something, we’re going to see a difference.”

Thankfully, several strong voices for the pro-life movement are rising to the surface, including in the media. Last month, I wrote about a new movie coming out called Roe v. Wade, of which Alveda is actually an executive producer. That film not only exposes the biased way abortion was legalized in the U.S. but also follows the story of a successful abortion doctor who realizes he is killing children.

Another film called Unplanned tells the tale of Abbey Johnson, one of the youngest female abortion clinic directors, who had a wake-up call about the horrors of infanticide. Alveda says these new films and those like them give her hope for America’s future.

“Now that we can see, we must do,” Alveda says. “[To] everyone who can actually hear this podcast, ask yourself if you’ve looked the other way. And if you have, repent, ask God to forgive you and now speak out and speak up for life.”

Click on the podcast below for more inspiring insights from Dr. Alveda King. And if you support life in this nation, I challenge you to share this article and speak up for the unborn!

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