The Highways Are Buckling / Shaking Is Coming

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Chuck Pierce

Chuck Pierce
We are truly entering a new season. We must enter this season watching and listening. We must enter it with joy. Listen carefully to the revelation that the Lord is bringing forth in this hour.

Below is additional revelation from the session in which Cindy Jacobs ministered at our Starting the Year Off Right conference. It was a powerful session, with prophecy, tongues and interpretation. The video on our media page (scroll down the page to see it) is very powerful. God does not do anything without first telling His prophets.

Highways Will Buckle (Are Buckling)

The Lord told me to prophesy:

“Watch the highways that begin to buckle. For throughout the states and throughout nations as signs going into this season, I will buckle highways. You will say as My people, ‘I can ride the change of the road that is changing ahead of me.’ For it will be a spiritual sign to you, but it will be a frightening shaking to others.

“You will ride the sign of the buckling highways throughout the earth. I am rearranging the order of the earth so that the covenant with My land can now manifest in a way that was stopped from manifesting in the last season. Watch the road systems for they will now begin to change.”

Then Cindy Jacobs continued:

“I’m going to shake it. I’m going to shake it. I’m going to shake the earth. You will begin to see earthquakes in places and the news will say, ‘This place isn’t on that fault line. This place never shakes.’ But I am coming to shake everything that can be shaken.

“There are things that you would say, ‘Oh, no, that would never shake.’ I am going to shake that which seems impossible to shake. When you hear this happening know this: There is a sound as a rushing wind coming, and the nation will be shaken even as at Pentecost.

“It is time to wake up and listen and see and know. If you tarry in this year, not only in the United States, but if you tarry in your nation, if you use this as a year of prayer and fasting to establish a covenant root in the earth and in the heavens, I am going to blow with My wind and My fire. I am going to visit with a new Pentecost.

“It seems as if I have delayed. It seems as if I have not answered, you think. You think I have waited and I do not hear your pleas and I do not hear your cries. You think I do not see. But why would I tell you to see if I could not see you? You have awakened Me. I am awakening on My holy hill. Surely I have awakened and I am arising in ways that you cannot imagine and dream!”

Israel Highway Buckles First

Several days later we received the following note from our friends in Israel:

“We watched the first night of the conference with Cindy. At one point you said to watch where there would be buckling in highways. That was on Thursday night. Immediately afterward you also mentioned Mt Zion. On Saturday (January 2) we spotted a small news story that on the road going up to the City of David (ancient Mt. Zion) the wheel of an Egged City Bus broke through the pavement!”

California Earthquake

Many of you are aware that on January 9, a 6.5-magnitude earthquake struck northern California. Centered 13 miles off the coast near the city of Eureka, the earthquake shook buildings, knocked out power in several coastal communities and left a trail of broken windows and dishes south of the Oregon border. Initial damages were more than $12.5 million. A section of Humboldt Hill Road was buckled by this earthquake!

Haiti Earthquake

However, [what happened in California] pales in comparison to the tragedy just experienced in Haiti. In addition to the catastrophic damage that occurred and that will take years, if not decades, to repair, the loss of life was tremendous and has still not been fully calculated.

Roads leading from the dock into town were buckled about 5 feet high, and large cargo ships can no longer dock at the city’s damaged port. The rubble-strewn roads, downed trees and battered communications network hampered humanitarian groups trying to get supplies to victims, and thousands of homeless people are living on the streets.

A report from Bill Adams (his wife is in Haiti): “I talked to her last night, right after it happened. She called me, crying. She said, ‘You just won’t believe what happened. An earthquake has just hit.’ And they were in a hotel in Port-Au-Prince, and they ran outside and she saw the road buckling.” (Click here to read full report.)

Florida Interstate Buckles

A highway near Tampa, Florida, has buckled. Patti sent us an e-mail and shared, “I live in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. One of our main highways is I-4. This week we had a large sinkhole develop under a part of it and the road ‘buckled up.’ Parts of the highway are closed until they can find all the weak areas and fix them. This was one of Dr. Pierce’s New Year words he spoke in the meetings: ‘Watch the highways, they will buckle.'” (View a video about this phenomenon on TBO.com.)

Remember, we are shifting from hearing to seeing this year. So take time to look and look again!

About the authors: Chuck D. Pierce is the president of Glory of Zion International Ministries in Denton, Texas (gloryofzion.org). He is known for his accurate prophetic gifting and has been used by God to mobilize prayer throughout the world. Pierce is also the author of many books, including his two most recent, Interpreting the Times and Redeeming the Time (both Charisma House). To order a complete set of CDs or DVDs for the Starting the Year Off Right conference, go to his Web store or call 1-888-965-1099.

Cindy Jacobs is the co-founder, with her husband, Mike, of Generals of Intercession (generals.org) and host of God Knows, a weekly television program on which she interviews leaders, teaches, prophesies and prays for the sick. Also founder of the United States Reformation Prayer Network (USRPN), Cindy is inviting individuals and leaders across the nation to join the Jacobs’ ministry in a national prayer initiative for 2010 named “Root 52”–a 52-week prayer strategy to bring the United States back to its covenant roots. For more information, go to generals.org/prayer/rpn/root-52/.

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