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  • How One Woman Touched a Nation

    How One Woman Touched a Nation

    When Danita Estrella—now Danita Estrella Watts—first arrived in Haiti in 1999, she was 34 years old, single and had very little money. The people there were suspicious of her and not initially receptive to her attempts to befriend them. Although they were warm and kind, they also were cautious with their trust, hopeful that Danita

  • How to Lift Up Jesus Everywhere You Go

    How to Lift Up Jesus Everywhere You Go

    One look at the society around us will tell you that the devil has made great advances in our day. Abortion has become so commonplace we’re almost anesthetized to the fact that the procedure involves the destruction of human life. Gay couples, who 30 years ago would have been reluctant to admit they were living

  • Prepare the Way of the Lord

    In some liturgical circles, last Sunday, November 27, marked the beginning of the season of Advent for the year 2011. This, the period beginning four Sundays before Christmas, is the time of year during which we prepare to celebrate the coming of the Lord. On a natural plane, we decorate our homes and buy gifts…

  • Strength In Weakness

    I have reached the age at which it is hard to tell the difference between a Holy Ghost rush and a hot flash. It wouldn't be so bad if I hadn't come to rely on body temperature as a spiritual thermostat to tell me when the anointing had hit. But now I just have to…

  • Strategies for a Season of Crisis

    Strategies for a Season of Crisis

    We are approaching a season of crisis, and in a season of crisis, the strategies of heaven must invade your sphere of authority. What does this mean? You have been positioned by God in a particular sphere of authority. You must understand your sphere and know how to operate in it with others. This sphere…

  • Five Keys for 2010

    Five Keys for 2010

    There are 5 strategic keys that will help propel you into your future and the destiny God has for you this year. Ask Him for specific insight and direction for you and your life, and allow Him to manifest in these areas throughout 2010.1. God is sounding a wake-up call.God is sounding a wake-up call…

  • The Highways Are Buckling / Shaking Is Coming

    The Highways Are Buckling / Shaking Is Coming

    We are truly entering a new season. We must enter this season watching and listening. We must enter it with joy. Listen carefully to the revelation that the Lord is bringing forth in this hour.Below is additional revelation from the session in which Cindy Jacobs ministered at our Starting the Year Off Right conference. It…

  • Things Can Change in a Day

    Things Can Change in a Day

    Are you tired of waiting for a prophetic word to be fulfilled in your life? Have you received it, claimed it, believed for it, fought the good fight of faith with it—and still have yet to see it come to pass? If so, don’t give up! Things can change in a day.Think about the significant…

  • Stay Connected to God

    Stay Connected to God

    "Stay connected this week! Stay connected this week! There is something that you are going to have to praise your way through. ... Do not disconnect from Me. Do not disconnect from My throne room. Do not disconnect from where you are. Do not disconnect from each other. Stay connected so you can press on…

  • 10 Key Revelatory War Points

    10 Key Revelatory War Points

    In this season we must rehearse the Word! We must meditate on what God says until the power of that revelation enters our bloodstreams and cell structures. We also must learn to worship and minister in our homes. Doing so will allow our gifts to be activated in new ways in small groups. When the…

  • You Can Hear My Voice

    You Can Hear My Voice

    Editor's Note: The following word from the Lord was declared by Mark J. Chironna during his June 9, 2009, Institute of Leadership Initiatives. To learn more about this weekly leadership series, go to "Truly the hungry and the thirsty, in this hour, are seeking water, and they have found none. But I will open…

  • Declarations for 2009 and Beyond

    Declarations for 2009 and Beyond

    Editor's Note: The following word was released by prophetic minister James Goll earlier this year. For a free MP3 download, go to and click on "Prophetic Insights." I trust the few thoughts I share below will encourage your heart and stir up your faith. We see in part and prophesy in part—and this is…

  • Be Ready for Change

    Be Ready for Change

    Editor's Note: The following prophetic word was issued by Chuck Pierce on April 9, 2009. It has been abbreviated for the purposes of this e-newsletter. The complete text of the word, originally titled "Prophetic Word Released for a Time Such as This," is available at under "Current Overcoming Revelation & Prophetic Prayer Focuses." The…

  • From Loss to Prophetic Fulfillment

    From Loss to Prophetic Fulfillment

    Many of you have heard my family's testimony of overcoming barrenness. The Lord sovereignly healed my wife, Pam, in 1984. She immediately became pregnant, and pregnant again. However, we knew that the faith promise we had received in 1980 of having twins had never been fulfilled by the Lord.

  • God’s Bailout Plan

    God’s Bailout Plan

    There have been many discussions and actions this year concerning bailouts for companies and corporate America and for the banking industries. But we as the people of God must not forget that God is going to bail out His people and save them in the day of calamity.

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