Prophetic Vision: ‘I Will Begin to Manifest Myself Alive at the Wailing Wall’

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“O Israel, your ‘Wailing’ Wall shall become a ‘Hailing’ Wall.” To wail means to cry out with lament or grief. To hail means to salute, greet or acclaim enthusiastically, such as, “Hail, King of the Jews!”

In the Spirit, I saw the very shekinah glory of God begin to gradually seep through the cracks of the Wailing Wall while “homecoming angels” on the wall were stuffing love notes into every crack, imparting revelation into the minds and hearts of the “standing room only” multitude of God’s chosen people who were now facing the answers to their prayers. Blinders began dropping off of their eyes as the Wailing Wall appeared to be turning into a giant theater screen. Many began to see visions of the King of kings and Lord of lords in all of His glory in 3-D technicolor. In the Spirit, these panoramic scenes on the wall could be seen by the Jewish people all around the world. A homesick feeling began to spread in epidemic proportion in the hearts of God’s chosen people, turning their hearts toward home. God would not force His people to return home, but He did have “a ways and means” committee to help make them willing to go.

In the Spirit, I sensed great earth-shaking events were now being pre-approved by the Father. These events will cause a great nest-stirring for God’s people, the Jews, to be willing to leave where they had grown comfortable, living in seemingly secure places of the earth. But I saw a great shaking in the world’s economy coming that would literally gouge the side out of their Titanic-like financial investments and businesses. I sensed the Father conversing with the angels on this, saying, “Yes, that will do it!”

Synagogues were being revisited by the greatest teacher ever, Jesus Christ, revealing Himself through scripture as their Messiah—the King of the Jews!

In the Spirit, I saw angels setting up camp around Jewish synagogues, and Jesus Himself walking right through many synagogue doors into the midst of their ceremonies. I also saw Him stand up in their midst and read and proclaim, once again, Isaiah 61, but this time, He read the whole chapter as many of their ears and eyes began to pop open! To many, Jesus began to show Himself openly. Some were having visions; others were convinced they were seeing Him!

“And the plazas of the city will be filled with young boys and girls playing in her open places” (Zech. 8:5).

I saw children dancing in the streets of Jerusalem. At first, it appeared that they were dancing with a make-believe friend. I then saw Jesus laughing and twirling them in the air and catching them as they danced together, as the joy of the Lord began running down through the streets of Jerusalem and beyond! Parents of these small children began to experience the presence of God as children began to talk about their experiences, visions and encounters with Jesus Christ, proclaiming Him to be their Messiah! Children were bringing His anointing and carrying His glory into their families!

In closing, I sense the Father saying, “The intercession of nations for Israel is beginning to be heard, creating the greatest move of My Spirit in all of history in the lives of My chosen people, the Jews. Intercession must increase and prevail to bring My people home.” {eoa}

Bill Yount has been a member of Bridge of Life in Hagerstown, Maryland, for the past 36 years, where he is now an elder and a home missionary. He is currently an adviser-at-large for Aglow International. Bill faithfully served in prison ministry at Mount Hope for 23 years and now travels full-time, both in the U.S. and internationally, ministering in churches and Aglow circles. Humility and humor characterize his ministry as he brings forth a fresh word that is “in season,” proclaiming the word of the Lord. The shofar, or ram’s horn, is often used in his meetings, breaking the powers of darkness over regions, churches and households. The shofar represents God’s breath blowing into the nostrils of His people, reviving them and awakening the lost. Many of God’s messages, which Bill ministers prophetically, come out of his everyday life with his family and friends. Please visit Bill’s website at billyount.com.

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