It’s The End Of The World As He Knows It

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What is god saying and doing today? Perry Stone interprets the signs of our time.


When Charisma Publisher Steve Strang sat down with Bible teacher Perry Stone, he expected to talk about dreams and visions. What he got instead was a download of Stone’s interpretation of how today’s events relate to the end times—and what believers can do. 

CHARISMA: How do you get the revelation that you teach?

STONE: The significance of understanding the mysteries of God is to pray in the Spirit and get the mind of the Spirit. The Spirit of God will quicken your spirit and your intellect to truths that have always been there, but maybe are not commonly taught, and helps you compare Scripture with Scripture, because the Bible even says that “the anointing that abides teaches you all things.”

CHARISMA: Your latest book, How to Interpret Dreams and Visions, describes a dream you had about Osama bin Laden. Tell us about that.

STONE: This happened about a week before bin Laden was killed. I didn’t see anything, but I heard a voice. I heard military men saying: “We’ve got him. We’ve got him. We’ve got him.” And I’m thinking as I’m asleep, Who did they get? And they said, “Bin Laden. … Identify the body. We need DNA proof.” I kept hearing, “DNA proof, DNA proof.”

When I woke up, I told several people, “I had the strangest dream that we killed bin Laden and they’re going to have to get the DNA to identify the body.” Exactly one week later, I turned the television on and heard Geraldo say, “We got bin Laden.”

I only repeated what I heard in my dream. I’ve learned that if a person will spend time in prayer—not just your 5-minute, 10-minute devotional, but real intercessory prayer—then, like Job said, “God opens up your ear” … to hear those things that the Lord knows are coming, that … the general public doesn’t know. It comes thr

Click here to watch the full interview with Perry Stone and Steve Strang.

CHARISMA: What do you think will happen in Israel now, with all the pressure to create a Palestinian state?

STONE: Scripture indicates that eventually the land is divided. And it appears that occurs in the Tribulation period when the Antichrist invades Jerusalem. The flip side is, there’s a great danger on anyone dividing the land. 

Israel, Jerusalem and the Jews are the only nation, city and people formed by a covenant with almighty God. So when it’s time for God to fulfill His covenant to Israel, Jerusalem and the Jews to bring them back and give them their land back, God will fight against anyone who fights against His covenant.

It’s possible that one reason we’re seeing so much turmoil in our country, it may be traced back to how we’re treating God’s covenant; covenant of marriage, covenant with Israel, the covenant that our ancestors made with three documents that are based on Scripture, the Constitution, Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights.

CHARISMA: What do you think will happen in the near future in the U.S. in light of what you’re saying?

STONE: Honestly, I have a very great concern with reading the Old Testament and understanding how God can lift a hedge. And when He does, disaster comes. Satan created a whirlwind that took Job’s entire family out when the house collapsed. It wasn’t God doing it. It was God lifting the hedge.

My concern is that if the hand of God’s favor is lifted, nature, the earth being in travail and even the powers of heaven (Eph. 2:2) can actually manifest in such a way that destruction comes. We’ve had a year that broke the record on destruction and tornadoes and deaths in America—and the worst tornado came after President Obama said to go back to the pre-1967 borders. If you know Scripture, you have to be concerned that we are putting ourselves in a very dangerous position as it relates to the covenant.

CHARISMA: How can we avert this?

STONE: Some people would say what a leader does has no bearing on us. [But] look at King David; David numbered Israel and judgment came. Common Israelites died because of the decision of the king. That’s an example from Scripture where what the head of your nation does literally can impact the common people. There are other references.

The only thing I think Christians can do is to start paying attention to what our leaders are saying and those who are going to run for office, and line up what they say with what you know in Scripture. There are enough Christians in the African-American, Caucasian and Hispanic communities to literally put in office, top to bottom, people who take a stand for what’s right in line with God’s covenant.

Christians are … going to have to unite together and not be divided over race, color, religion or denomination, but over the covenant God has established. When it’s time for us to be blessed by God, we’ll be blessed by our obedience to it, or we’ll be cursed by our ignoring what God has written in His Word. We could be in serious danger if the Christians don’t wake up.

CHARISMA: What will it take to make Christians wake up and vote as this bloc?

STONE: When Israel was in total prosperity, they tended to ignore God. That’s what God warned them about: “Beware lest you forget the covenant when you’re full, and eaten, and you’ve built your homes and vineyards.” When the enemy came in and began to take the homes and the vineyards, and they had terror in their lives—this is all in the Scripture—suddenly they would turn back to God.

The only way God gets people’s attention (and you hate to say it, but it’s true), the only way He gets Christians … working to help touch the sinner, is disaster. And we’ve seen it. Even the secular news notices it: churches, volunteers, people taking their vacations to go work in Tuscaloosa, Ala., or Joplin, Mo.—carpenters leaving their jobs to say, “Let’s go help them rebuild at no cost.” There’s your real Christianity, the love of God that will touch the heart of a sinner.

So honestly, biblically, it takes trouble to unite the body and turn people to God.

Click here to watch the full interview with Perry Stone and Steve Strang.

CHARISMA: What do you see happening around the world?

STONE: When Egypt had its revolution, which is actually still going on, I told our partners, “Libya will fall next.” They said, “How do you know?” I said, “If we’re in the last days, Daniel 11 [says] … the Antichrist takes over Egypt and the Libyans and the Ethiopians are at his step, meaning they follow his lead. Now, that doesn’t mean the Antichrist is right on the doorstep. I’m not saying that. I am saying the Islamic revolution, in my opinion, is aligning the Middle East for the kingdom of the beast. Because what it does, it creates a void in leadership. And usually in the Middle East … when a huge political void came, you’d have a dictator, like a Hitler, who would come to power.

I believe that what they call “democratic movement” is actually going to create a void for one man to step in and take all those Islamic nations under his wing. In Islam, he would be the Mahdi. He would be the 12th Imam, according to the Iranians, or the Mahdi, according to the Sunnis. They both use that term, which is the “Awaited One” who will form the new Islamic kingdom. Biblically speaking, he could very well be the Antichrist of Bible prophecy, which only indicates again how fast things are moving toward what Daniel called the time of the end.

CHARISMA: In light of all this, what’s the future of the church?

STONE: What I hope happens is the prayer of Jesus will get answered: “They be one even as We were one.” Denominations are becoming more kingdom-minded. When we become more kingdom-minded and need each other … I believe the unity we could have could release the greatest wave of God’s presence to the nation we’ve ever experienced before. Unity is the key. The world can look at it and say: “They really know who their God is, because look how they treat each other. Look at how they treat us.” That’s what I’m hoping.

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