Morning Rundown: Police Shut Down Mike Signorelli and Jenny Weaver Baptisms

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Police Shut Down Mike Signorelli and Jenny Weaver Baptisms

The V1 Miami Church held a revival service with Pastor Mike Signorelli and Jenny Weaver where many decided to get baptized. However, during this time of spontaneous baptisms, law enforcement arrived to shut down the event.

“We responded to the gathering here,” a law enforcement officer said. “Now this is private property, and they’re asking that you guys leave. I need the crowd to disperse and you guys need to go right now.”

Before the event concluded, Signorelli was allowed to let one more person get baptized. With all grace and kindness, Signorelli respected what the police was asking for.

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Russell Brand Is ‘Grateful’ to Be in Christ After Baptism

Comedian Russell Brand is sharing his gratitude and the weight he feels lifted off of him following his baptism.

“Yesterday, I got baptized, and it was an incredible, profound experience,” Brand says in a video posted to Facebook. “Many aspects of it were very intimate and personal.”

Brand noted that throughout his life he’s tried all kinds of different substances in hopes of feeling some type of transcendental experience. He’s wanted desperately to connect to something in a spiritual manner, but all other things have failed him. However, becoming a new creation in Christ has made all the difference. Now, Brand feels the peace that surpasses all understanding that only God can give.

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Mandisa’s Father Does Not Think Death Is From Self-Harm

During Mandisa’s celebration of life service her father, John Hundley, claimed that he does not believe she harmed herself. He mentioned her body being potentially weak from COVID.

“She did not harm herself,” Hundley said. “There is one thing you may not have known. She told me some time ago that she had gotten COVID-19 and she had been weak trying to get over that, but she was trying to press through.”

Hundley says he has spent time with investigators as they try to figure out the cause of Mandisa’s death. He gave his own belief of what he thinks happened at the time of Mandisa’s death.

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