Police Shut Down Mike Signorelli and Jenny Weaver Baptisms

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Abby Trivett

The V1 Miami Church held a revival service with Pastor Mike Signorelli and Jenny Weaver where many decided to get baptized. However, during this time of spontaneous baptisms, law enforcement arrived to shut down the event.

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“We responded to the gathering here,” a law enforcement officer said. “Now this is private property, and they’re asking that you guys leave. I need the crowd to disperse and you guys need to go right now.”

Before the event concluded, Signorelli was allowed to let one more person get baptized. With all grace and kindness, Signorelli respected what the police was asking for.

“How many of you guys are thankful for our local law enforcement?” Signorelli asked.

The crowd cheered, and then one additional person chimed up that she still wanted to be baptized. The police officer allowed for her to hop in the back of the truck where the baptism pool was to take the plunge.

“One more,” Signorelli and the crowd pleaded for the young woman to get baptized. “There’s only one…We’ll do this one and we’re done.”

Following this exciting baptism, Signorelli cried out “Hallelujah!”

“There is a Baptism REVIVAL happening right now!” Signorelli wrote on Facebook.

Weaver also took to Instagram to share about the massive baptism experience.

“The cops were called today while we were baptizing…probably due to large crowds or something,” Weaver wrote on Instagram. “They did make us stop but they let us get the person baptized.”

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Weaver also wrote on Facebook about how God has placed it on her heart to focus on baptisms during this time.

“The Lord spoke to me in march and said, ‘This will be the summer of baptisms,'” Weaver wrote. “Later the Lord revealed that it’s a part of His plan for getting the church ready for His coming. I believe salvations, deliverance and baptisms are the way the Lord is cleaning up the bride and getting her spotless and ready.”

V1 Church posted on Facebook about the experience. “Can you believe we baptized people in a parking lot in Miami?? Whatever it takes to get the gospel out!”

While these baptisms were shut down, this event showcases how the Holy Spirit is working right now. The hunger for people to experience a new life with Christ to the point of getting baptized in a parking lot proves that God can and does change lives all the time. There is no place, no past and no sin too great for His unwavering love to transform us from the inside out.

Abby Trivett is a marketing copywriter and coordinator for Charisma Media.

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