Marilyn Hickey: Jesus Came to Break Your Generational Curse

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Marti Pieper

Are you stuck in the physical, emotional or spiritual patterns and habits of your family? Do you believe there’s no way out because of what you’ve been told is a generational curse?

It’s time to walk out from under that lie, says popular Bible teacher Marilyn Hickey on “The Marilyn and Sarah Show” on the Charisma Podcast Network. As Christians, she says, “We need to see we’re not under the curse. We’re under the blessing.

“In Exodus 20, verse 5, it says, ‘The iniquities of the fathers are visited upon the children to the third and fourth generation of those who hate Him.’ Iniquities, she explains, are different from sin (missing the mark) or trespasses (going over the mark, entering someone else’s territory). Exodus 20:5 does not mention sins or trespasses. Instead, it refers to iniquity, which is something you practice over and over until it becomes a habit in your life. So iniquity basically means ‘to bend’; you are bent in that direction, because you have done certain things for years and years and years. It’s a pattern, a habit in your life, and you bend in that direction.”

We see this, Hickey says, when physical patterns such as heart trouble are passed from generation to generation. And there’s no escape—or so we believe. The problem, she says, is that we fail to look at the next part of the verse, which says, “Those who love Him, He will bless to 1,000 generations.”

Hickey continues, “So the curse at its worst of those who hate him cannot go beyond four generations.” But the blessing for those who love Him? It goes to 1,000 generations!

The New Testament, Hickey goes on to say, makes clear that Christ came to redeem us from the curse. “So Jesus took all the physical curses, the mental curse, the emotional curses, the iniquities of the family, the patterns that were set up in that family that made them sick, the patterns that were set up in that family that made them weak in certain areas of their lifestyle, the patterns in that family that caused them to turn aside from God … Jesus broke that curse.”

To learn more about Jesus’ power over curses and how you can walk and move in power rather than fear, listen to this podcast. {eoa}

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