Morning Rundown: The Big Problem With the Any-Minute Rapture

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Marti Pieper

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The Big Problem With the Any-Minute Rapture

Like many of you, I long for the Lord’s appearing, and my greatest dream is that He will return in my lifetime. Even so, come, Lord Jesus! But I have a real problem with setting dates for His return. And I have a real problem with the mindset that He could return at any moment. Let me explain why.

To be clear, none of us know when we will die, and in many cases, our deaths will be sudden and unexpected. So, at all times, we should live in readiness to meet the Lord. That goes without saying.

But when it comes to predicting the day (or year) of the Lord’s return, the first problem is that, to date, every single prediction, without exception, has been wrong. The failure rate is 100%. Why should anyone believe the next prediction when all previous predictions have been wrong? Based on what new, definitive data? (For the record, I’ve seen some of the “data,” and I don’t buy it for a second.)

‘The Office’ Star: Talking About Faith Will Estrange Anyone in Hollywood

Actor Rainn Wilson says he doesn’t have any “smoking guns” confirming the shunning of faith in God in Hollywood.

But, the former actor in the hit comedy “The Office” revealed recently on a podcast that talking about God and about religion in “Tinseltown” hasn’t enhanced his prospects for landing solid roles in movies or on television.

“It certainly doesn’t help my career. I’m not doing any of this for any self-promotion or career,” Wilson said during a recent appearance on the “No Small Endeavor” podcast hosted by theologian Lee C. Camp.

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Freedom Convoy Pastor Forced to Flee Canada Amid Persecution

Harold Ristau, a Canadian pastor, decorated veteran and chaplain, has made a courageous move to protect his family’s religious freedom.

Faced with persecution from the Canadian government due to his participation in a peaceful protest against COVID vaccine mandates, Ristau decided to relocate his family to Kenya, where he now finds solace in teaching theology to local pastors.

The Freedom Convoy, a group of Canadian truckers opposing vaccine mandates, embarked on a journey from British Columbia to Ottawa last February. Ristau, along with nearly 10,000 others, joined this convoy to rally against the government’s edict, which would require truckers entering Canada to be fully vaccinated against the coronavirus.

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