Who Is the Demon Lilith, And Why Is It So Popular Today?

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James Lasher

In a recent video teaching on YouTube, Pastor Vlad Savchuk of HungryGen ministries addresses an entity that has a growing influence in American society: the spiritual entity known as Lilith.

This demon has been known to humanity for thousands of years, going as far back as ancient Mesopotamia some 5,000 years ago, but in more recent times there has been an explosion of imagery dedicated in her honor.

From Amazon’s animated show Hazbin Hotel which paints Lilith as a sympathetic figure who was abused by Adam, to the video game developer Activision-Blizzard who based their game Diablo IV on the demon Lilith who was brought back into their world through blood magic, Lilith is a figure many youth are being inundated with today from multiple avenues of media.

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Savchuk gives a deep-dive history of how various civilizations have encountered this night creature throughout the millennia. She is often associated with the night, and targets women, often in their sleep.

Going back through history, Savchuk shows that Lilith has been worshipped or feared in Mesopotamian mythology, the Babylonian Talmud, German and English literature, wicca and witchcraft.

But what does the Bible, the inerrant Word of God, have to say about this demonic entity?

“The biblical analysis of the Lilith story Isaiah 34:14 mentions the demon Lilith as part of the scene of judgment upon Edom,” Savchuk explains.

“…the Bible is very clear Lilith is not Adam’s first wife, Eve is Adam’s first wife. So this fable and these myths that are circulating, even in Jewish literature, are not true. In fact, Paul instructs Titus to rebuke the Cretans regarding Jewish fables,” Savchuk says.

For some, using spiritual discernment is an often overlooked command in the Bible.

Paul commands us not to conform to the world, but to use discernment about what is the will of God, and what is not (Rom. 12:2).

It is not good for people of all ages to consume media which is steeped in demonic overtones, because the devil and his minions will use this to get a foot in the door of our spiritual lives.

Lilith in particular, Savchuk says, targets women to steer them away from a godly lifestyle.

“I do believe that Lilith, in our culture, has become the icon of radical feminism, that tries to remove God’s structure of authority in the family,” Savchuk explains.

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Looking at culture through a biblical lens, evens such as the music festival “Lilith Fair” begin to make a lot more sense when one understands the spiritual connotations behind it.

“The Bible is clear [in] Ephesians 5:22-24 [and] 1 Timothy 15:24; 21-14, that God establishes order in the house and in the church with men being the head in their houses, and God puts responsibility on males in the area of government in the church. Lilith being the icon on in this face of radical feminism seeks to destroy traditional gender roles today,” Savchuk reveals.

There are signs, Savchuk says, that, if you experience them, you need to engage in spiritual warfare against the demon and call upon the name of Jesus.

“If you’re being harassed [spiritually] at night, there is hope for you. Repent of any witchcraft, spells, love potions or sexual dreams. Devote your life to Jesus; declare your body that it belongs to Jesus; renounce any and every incubus and succubus; have somebody pray for you; pray for deliverance; and remember that God owns the night, not the devil. Freedom is yours in Jesus’ name.

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James Lasher is Staff Writer for Charisma Media.

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