New Amazon Program Pushing More Unholiness into Your Home

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James Lasher

If you want to see the direction society is heading, look no further than the media being pushed onto it.

With satanically focused, animated shows grabbing headlines over the past year, Amazon figured they would throw their hat in the hellish ring and see if it would pay off.

Sadly, it appears it has.

The new animated series on Amazon, “Hazbin Hotel,” focuses on a corrupt version of the creation story from the Bible. One where Satan is the good guy, but misunderstood in heaven. Lilith was actually Adam’s first wife, but was too independent and free-spirited to accept his tyrannical rule, and thus she fled the Garden of Eden.

Depicting Satan and the demon Lilith as tragic characters, the show tries to create a warped semblance of love between the two and focuses the storyline on their daughter: Charlie Morningstar, who is a lesbian.

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In the intro to the series alone viewers are pelted with a barrage of radical feminism, demon worship, sexual immorality and much more. The language is so foul in this show it makes other adult animated shows like “South Park” seem tame by comparison.

There is an abundance of immoral and depraved schtick on offer in this show. Yet young girls are being seduced by the show in droves. There is merchandise with the cartoony animation style that draws in young eyes, not to mention attempts at “cutesy” nicknames to the show that are beyond vulgar.

Depictions of sexual violence, all different variants of sexual immorality and heretical storylines that seek to undermine the Bible make this one of the most evil shows ever created for media.

And people are loving it.

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On the movie and television recommendation and ratings site Rotten Tomatoes, the critics and audience scores are sitting at 85% and 86% respectively, making the show “fresh.”

An entire generation of youth are being bought with shows depicting satanic imagery and warped versions of God on a scale never seen been before. This constant exposure to such spiritually destructive content will desensitize people to the very real and destructive powers of the devil. Not to mention corrupting who God really is and that Jesus Christ is real and loves them so much He died for them.

In the meantime, Christians may or may not be able to stop this content from coming out, but they can show the world who God is. By living a life pleasing to God, and declaring the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ, we can put our faith, hope and trust in God and His power, knowing that through Him, anything is possible.

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James Lasher is Staff Writer for Charisma Media.

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