Top of the Week: Testimony From Hell Reveals the Secret to Demon Possession

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Testimony From Hell Reveals the Secret to Demon Possession

Can demons possess humans, and if so, how does it happen?

After Howard Pittman descended into hell after experiencing actual, physical death, he saw the reality of hell and how the demonic works to snare God’s children. Pittman claimed to have experienced a journey beyond the veil, witnessing Satan’s kingdom and gaining profound insights into the afterlife. This description from life to death exposes what it’s like to enter a world of complete darkness.

“There’s no words in the human language to describe crossing the veil,” Pittman said in an interview. “I passed out in this darkness. I felt—I really felt abandoned, all alone. First time I’d ever experienced that kind of darkness. There was no light. And then all of a sudden, I saw something that [came] right out of the top of that darkness and it was like a tape that was just twirling around.”

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Russell Brand Reveals Why He Wears a Cross and Is Reading the Bible ‘A Lot More’

Russell Brand, the controversial English comedian and actor, is opening up more about his spiritual journey of discovery and new realizations about his faith and relationship with God. The revelations come as he is also facing some very serious allegations of sexual misconduct that are being investigated by police.

“The reason I wear a cross is because Christianity and in particular, the figure of Christ are it seems to me inevitably becoming more important as I become more familiar with suffering, purpose, self and not self,” he said.

5 Red Flags That Warn Us of False Teachers

Last week I wrote about how grieved I was that so many Christians naively swallowed the teachings of Nigerian prophet T.B. Joshua—in spite of repeated warnings from Nigerian pastors who knew of his occult origins. Sadly, even after evidence surfaced proving that Joshua practiced juju rituals and sexually abused women, some of his followers still defend him.

People ask me: “But if T.B. Joshua was a false prophet, how could he perform miracles?” Or they ask: “How could he be false when he used the name of Jesus?” Those questions alone indicate that they forgot Jesus’ own words; He warned that false prophets “will show great signs and wonders, so as to mislead, if possible, even the elect” (Matt. 24:24, NASB 1995). Jesus also said charlatans would use His name to gain credibility (24:5).

Because I’ve encountered many false prophets, swindlers and spiritual quacks since the 1970s, I learned that there are several red flags that warn us of wolves in sheep’s clothing. If you see any of these qualities in a “minister,” you can be certain something devilish is lurking behind the curtain. If you choose to follow these blind guides, they will lead you into a ditch.

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Paul Harvey’s 1965 Prophecy Stuns Joe Rogan

In a recent episode of his widely acclaimed podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, host Joe Rogan found himself grappling with a profound prophecy from 1965 that left him visibly shocked.

The prophecy, delivered by legendary broadcaster Paul Harvey, outlined a dark plan orchestrated by the devil to engulf the world in darkness, titled “If I were the Devil,” focusing specifically on the United States. As Rogan reacted to the chilling accuracy of the prophecy, a larger narrative unfolded—one of spiritual awakening and a shift in perspective.

The Path to Salvation: Joe Rogan’s Journey

At the heart of the revelation is the notion that Joe Rogan, one of the most influential figures in the world with the largest podcast audience, is on a journey to spiritual salvation. Rogan, known for his candid conversations and diverse range of guests, has recently been engaging in discussions about God and Christianity. In a reaction video to Rogan’s experience listening to Harvey’s prophecy, revivalist Isaiah Saldivar believes that Rogan’s openness to Christian guests and willingness to explore the validity of the Bible indicate a transformative spiritual journey.

Are We Entering a Leviticus 26 Era?

Is America heading toward destruction? Are we going to enter into a Leviticus 26 era?

In one of his latest videos, Perry Stone delves into what Leviticus 26 means and what the implications of it could be for America.

“In the Old Testament there’s the blessing and the curse of the Law of God,” Stone said. “The blessing means the favor of God or the hand of God is on something and God begins to bless, but a curse is totally the opposite…when God allows a curse to come into a nation, we think of curse as being different things, but a curse in the eyes of God means to diminish that nation, to make it smaller, to take away His favor and take the blessing off of it.”

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