More False Prophets Exposed! Mario Murillo Calls Ministry Figures to Repentance

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Stephen Strang

Recently I interviewed Mario Murillo in what may be one of the most important Strang Report videos I’ve ever done. We dove into the topic of error in the body of Christ and the responsibility leaders have to speak out against it. As believers, we understand that prophets don’t always get it right, and it is our duty to test all things. We specifically addressed the recent incidents of false prophetic voices negatively impacting the church, including Kat Kerr, Robin Bullock and Julie Green.

Mario did a fantastic job biblically backing the reason we need to be so vigilant of false prophets so Christ’s flock can be protected.

“Jesus said in Matthew 7:15: ‘Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but are inwardly ravenous wolves,’ and they can be identified,” Murillo says. “The second reason that I’m speaking out is not just to protect the sheep, but I’m a soul winner. I’m doing this as a heartbroken evangelist. I want to win the lost…because you are affecting the sheep and lost souls are at stake.”

Leaders have a responsibility to protect the sheep from false prophets who deceive and mislead. This duty to protect extends to all Christian leaders, pastors, bishops and those in the media who have a platform to address a wider audience.

Murillo has already spoken out against these false prophets, facing backlash and even turning some against him. However, when prophets claim to have specific words and visions that do not come true, one has to take accountability. For example, Julie Green believed a specific politician would pass away on a certain date, which did not come to pass and cannot be swept under the rug. People are going to believe what these people have to say, and they must know that they will be held accountable for leading people in the wrong direction.

Claims from Kat Kerr include parts of heaven being made of gelatin and the fictitious Santa Claus being present in heaven.

Kerr even claims to have encounters with heavenly beings and describes unrealistic scenes in heaven. Mario pointed out the absurdity of some of her claims, such as cows driving tractors. I couldn’t agree more with Murillo that Kerr’s followers must critically examine her claims and understand the potential harm caused by believing any of them.

Robin Bullock also has made outlandish prophecies that he must explain, including the Father keeping Himself separated from us in a cubicle so His power doesn’t destroy anyone.

It is this type of behavior, Murillo says, that the church must repent from or we will face the consequences of more people shying away from Christianity altogether.

“I really feel we always seem to want to avoid—the modern church avoids—repentance and we don’t repent,” Murillo says.

Murillo’s motivations are not rooted in bitterness, but rather in a desire to share the gospel. I commend him for his bravery to stand up against false prophetic leaders. If false prophets are never called out, their teachings will continue to spread and this is something we must confront.

I have personally reached out to Kat Kerr and Steve Shultz of Elijah List who has given her a rational platform to dialogue about these issues.

Join myself and Mario Murillo in sharing the truth of God’s kingdom and exposing false prophets who seek to glorify themselves instead of God.

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