Morning Rundown: Frankie Mazzapica Unveils the Power of Miracles, Spiritual Warfare Battles

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Frankie Mazzapica Unveils the Power of Miracles, Spiritual Warfare Battles

In an interview with Sid Roth, Pastor Frankie Mazzapica shared how building his faith upon the solid foundation of Christ led to him not only simply believe that Jesus was his Savior, but how he saw himself as able to perform the miracles that Jesus’ disciples did.

After praying for a single mother to overcome her battle with cancer, Mazzapica was sure that she would be healed. However, the mother still passed away. After this, Mazzapica decided to learn more about the key concepts of faith and prayer.

“I thought to myself, ‘God, I am tired of asking You to guide the hands of a doctor. I’m tired of asking You for that. I know You can heal them. Where is the gap?'” Mazzapica implored of the Lord. “And then I realized at that moment that there’s a difference between being a Christian and having the power of God in you as a Christian that can ignite miracles. And that’s when I said, ‘I am going to pursue this power and do exactly what the disciples did.'”

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IHOPKC Announces Major Update in Bickle Investigation

In the wake of accusations that have rocked the Christian community, IHOPKC has developed and released a report on the initial findings of the investigation into founding pastor Mike Bickle.

The following present extracts from the initial findings report put forward by IHOPKC leadership:

Three weeks ago, on Oct. 24, a group of men led by a local Kansas City pastor, (the “Complaint Group”) officially presented IHOPKC’s Executive Leadership Team (“ELT”) with a series of allegations against Mike Bickle allegedly made by eight women whom the Complaint Group claimed to represent.

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Holy Spirit Movement Sweeps Through Gibson and Locke’s Ministries

In a recent interview with Charisma News, Pastor Brian Gibson shed light on the powerful revival sweeping through different areas under his ministry, including a significant transformation in the life of Pastor Greg Locke of Global Vision Bible Church. The conversation delves into the origins of their collaboration and Locke’s journey from a cessationist perspective to embracing the charismatic movement.

Pastor Gibson reminisces about Locke’s early days, marked by a strong voice against lockdowns and government interference. The turning point occurred during a rally in Kentucky when Gibson invited Locke to join the cause against the lockdowns. Little did Gibson know that Locke, a full-fledged cessationist at the time, would become an essential ally in their shared mission. As they traveled together, Gibson’s charismatic expressions, including praying in tongues, challenged Locke’s preconceptions, eventually leading to a profound shift in his beliefs.

“So, Locke goes on the road with me, and we preach in like, 30 states,” Gibson shares. “And I didn’t know he was a full-fledged cessationist and that he hated charismatics back then. I didn’t know he had written a book about guys like me.

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