Holy Spirit Movement Sweeps Through Gibson and Locke’s Ministries

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James Lasher

In a recent interview with Charisma News, Pastor Brian Gibson shed light on the powerful revival sweeping through different areas under his ministry, including a significant transformation in the life of Pastor Greg Locke of Global Vision Bible Church. The conversation delves into the origins of their collaboration and Locke’s journey from a cessationist perspective to embracing the charismatic movement.

Pastor Gibson reminisces about Locke’s early days, marked by a strong voice against lockdowns and government interference. The turning point occurred during a rally in Kentucky when Gibson invited Locke to join the cause against the lockdowns. Little did Gibson know that Locke, a full-fledged cessationist at the time, would become an essential ally in their shared mission. As they traveled together, Gibson’s charismatic expressions, including praying in tongues, challenged Locke’s preconceptions, eventually leading to a profound shift in his beliefs.

“So, Locke goes on the road with me, and we preach in like, 30 states,” Gibson shares. “And I didn’t know he was a full-fledged cessationist and that he hated charismatics back then. I didn’t know he had written a book about guys like me.

“I remember Locke looking over at me, like ‘what in the world’s happening,’ but he would watch us and I would give words of knowledge and prophesy. As we were travelling he kind of figured out, ‘Man, this guy’s not crazy, at least not totally crazy, right?’ And God was already speaking to him…the Spirit of God was working on him.”

Locke’s immersion into the charismatic movement involved encounters with prophetic ministries and pivotal moments, such as a visit to Gibson’s church in Owensboro. A prophet named Gustavo Paez played a crucial role in revealing significant aspects of Locke’s life, ultimately impacting his ministry and prompting him to write a book about the experience.

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Addressing the sustainability of the ongoing revival, Pastor Gibson humbly acknowledges his lack of expertise but emphasizes the central role of passion for Jesus. Keeping Jesus as the focus and not overshadowing His presence with guest speakers is paramount in their approach. Gibson stresses the importance of continual prayer, especially in the face of heightened spiritual attacks. He shares personal experiences of late-night calls, such as a recent incident where the devil attacked his brother’s health.

Gibson underscores the power of gospel preaching as a form of spiritual warfare, highlighting the simplicity of proclaiming the message of Christ’s death, burial, Resurrection, repentance and belief. He also emphasizes the need for external support through prayer, as attacks intensify during times of revival.

“Middle of the night, I get a call and the devil attacked my brother’s health last night. My brother went down in front of his wife, got up straight out of bed, threw up and said call the ambulance,” recalls Gibson.

“You just get uncommon attacks when stuff like this is happening. Don’t fear it, right? We don’t have a spirit of fear. We have authority over the devil. But raising up that shield of faith with prayer. We need people praying for us, praying for our team, praying for safety, praying for protection.”

Looking ahead, Pastor Gibson reveals plans to rotate the revival meetings between different locations, observing that the revival seems to follow wherever they go. Testimonies of salvations during funerals, in beauty salons and at baptisms underscore the widespread impact of the revival.

As the flames of revival continue to burn, Pastor Brian Gibson and his team remain committed to walking humbly before the Lord, recognizing the need for awakening and revival in these crucial times.

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James Lasher is Staff Writer for Charisma Media.

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