IHOPKC Announces Major Update in Bickle Investigation

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James Lasher

In the wake of accusations that have rocked the Christian community, IHOPKC has developed and released a report on the initial findings of the investigation into founding pastor Mike Bickle.

The following present extracts from the initial findings report put forward by IHOPKC leadership:

Three weeks ago, on Oct. 24, a group of men led by a local Kansas City pastor, (the “Complaint Group”) officially presented IHOPKC’s Executive Leadership Team (“ELT”) with a series of allegations against Mike Bickle allegedly made by eight women whom the Complaint Group claimed to represent.

After three weeks of examination, IHOPKC has identified five of eight alleged victims.

Three of those five have publicly called the allegations lies, a fourth has not wanted to communicate with IHOPKC’s attorney, and the fifth’s allegations relate to incidents that preceded IHOPKC’s founding. Further, it became apparent that the Complaint Group did not have permission to include at least four of the women in their list of alleged victims.

We remain committed to verifying the remaining allegations, but we need the Complaint Group to assist in our inquiry of the remaining alleged victims to ensure their veracity. There is much at stake in getting to the truth.

Like many of you, we were deeply troubled and distressed to learn of the multiple allegations against Mr. Bickle. The ELT took these allegations very seriously and within 24 hours began the process of looking into the details, as well as asking Mr. Bickle to step away from public ministry to allow for a proper inquiry to be conducted.

Within days, the ELT commenced consultation of outside legal experts on how to conduct a proper examination of the facts and how to best handle the situation. Significantly, at all times, the allegations were treated as if they were credible in order to care for any past or present victim while objective due diligence was to be performed. However, upon review by outside legal counsel, it was determined that the collection and presentation of the allegations by the Complaint Group lacked any semblance of reliability or due process.

The document prepared by the Complaint Group to accompany the presentation of allegations on Oct. 24 does not contain any actual evidence: no statements from the victims, whether sworn or unsworn, and no emails, texts or other exhibits between Mr. Bickle and the alleged victim to substantiate the allegations (only blank squares as exhibit placeholders).

The Complaint Group’s allegations were also presented along with a list of pre-prepared demands “to prevent escalating levels of disclosure.” These demands and threats, which included dictating the use of IHOPKC’s funds, generated an atmosphere of concern regarding the true objectives of the Complaint Group.

Initial Findings:

On the week of Oct. 24, the Complaint Group presented a list of eight alleged victims to the IHOPKC leadership team. The Group did not, and has not, claimed that these women had ever previously made their allegations known to IHOPKC prior to October 2023.

However, it has become abundantly clear over the last three weeks that four of the women were presented as alleged victims without their consent.

Some of the Complaint Group’s allegations were presented in a document and some of the allegations were presented orally in conversation.

Three women were identified by their initials in the document. An additional five anonymous Jane Does are listed in the document but the Complaint Group would not share their names or any details about these allegations (or how these women came to be represented by the Complaint Group).

Then, IHOPKC was given the names of two additional women orally during conversations that took place the week of Oct. 24.

At that point, a total of five alleged victims had been identified by name.


IHOPKC has heard the demands to bring in a third party to investigate the organization in general, but this step is premature until IHOPKC can establish the credibility of the allegations and genuine intent of the Complaint Group.

We hope that by sharing our preliminary findings regarding these allegations, you will understand why it is premature at this juncture to have a third party conduct a community-wide investigation.

IHOPKC remains open to inviting a third party (or even multiple third parties) to examine these findings. It is our sincerest desire that alleged anonymous Jane Does would come forward as soon as possible, either directly to IHOPKC’s attorney, via the Complaint Group or through their own legal representative, so that IHOPKC can then take the appropriate next steps.

*End of Report*

As the Christian community navigates the complexities of the initial report released by IHOPKC leadership regarding the accusations against Mike Bickle, it is crucial that we approach this situation with a measured and discerning perspective. Rushing to judgment serves neither justice nor truth. In times of difficulty, it is imperative that we allow the investigative process to unfold, with our trust planted firmly in the Lord bringing truth to light, while withholding premature conclusions until all facts are laid bare.

Only through patience and a commitment to the pursuit of truth can we hope to achieve a fair and just resolution. In the face of adversity, let us hold fast to the belief that, ultimately, truth will prevail. As we grapple with the intricacies of this challenging situation, may wisdom guide our thoughts, compassion temper our judgments and the pursuit of truth be our unwavering compass rooted firmly in the Word of God and the impartation of the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

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James Lasher is Staff Writer for Charisma Media.

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