Frankie Mazzapica Unveils The Power of Miracles, Spiritual Warfare Battles

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Abby Trivett

In an interview with Sid Roth, Pastor Frankie Mazzapica shared how building his faith upon the solid foundation of Christ led to him not only simply believe that Jesus was his Savior, but how he saw himself as able to perform the miracles that Jesus’ disciples did.

After praying for a single mother to overcome her battle with cancer, Mazzapica was sure that she would be healed. However, the mother still passed away. After this, Mazzapica decided to learn more about the key concepts of faith and prayer.

“I thought to myself, ‘God, I am tired of asking You to guide the hands of a doctor. I’m tired of asking You for that. I know You can heal them. Where is the gap?'” Mazzapica implored of the Lord. “And then I realized at that moment that there’s a difference between being a Christian and having the power of God in you as a Christian that can ignite miracles. And that’s when I said, ‘I am going to pursue this power and do exactly what the disciples did.'”

This led Mazzapica to wait on the Lord for His Holy Spirit to fill him up with His power. After this, Mazzapica went down to Brazil with Randy Clark where his life was forever transformed after experiencing what it was like to pray for people and see physical healings take place. One of these miraculous events included a blind man who received his sight. After praying for the man three times, Mazzapica finally declared that the man was healed in the name of Jesus. When this happened, the man finally blinked his eyes open and was amazed at how Jesus had healed him.

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“All of a sudden, he starts blinking,” Mazzapica said. “I said, ‘Can you see?’ He goes, ‘No, I can’t.’ And I said, ‘Well, you’re about to see in one minute.’ And faith just burst up. He couldn’t see, but I said, ‘You’re about to see right now in the name of Jesus, our Messiah, now!'”

After this, the man was able to see, giving credit to Jesus. It’s this kind of faith that can literally heal someone through the power of Jesus’ name that Mazzapica was able to bring back to his team.

While miracles, signs and wonders have been a catalyst to help people of no faith come to know Christ or have led many to restore their faith, there are dangers when believers unleash other spiritual entities into their life. In a Q&A Mazzapica and Evangelist John Ramirez discussed how there is a spiritual element to everything around us whether we want to admit it or not.

“The devil has avenues to introduce himself to culture, to music, fashion,” Ramirez told Mazzapica. “He knows that these are the avenues of the bridges…the devil believes in systems and components, even in the church. That’s why Jesus was born outside of the system in the manger…so we don’t have to belong to the system.”

For Christians, it is imperative to stay vigilant about what we allow into our lives and feed our souls with. As we spend more time with the Lord we have the opportunity to build up our faith in Christ, similar to how Mazzapica did, so God can use us for His glorious purposes.

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Abby Trivett is a marketing copywriter and coordinator for Charisma Media.

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