Morning Rundown: 5 Signs Someone Is Practicing Witchcraft in Your Church

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5 Signs Someone Is Practicing Witchcraft in Your Church

Has witchcraft seeped its way into the church?

In one of his latest messages, prophetic voice Troy Black shared the signs you can look for to determine if someone is using witchcraft principles and manipulation.

1. They discuss sexual trauma from a dark spot instead of through the lens of freedom and forgiveness.

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Pastors Pushing Church ‘Entertainment’ to the Brink

Things are getting bizarre on the stages of churches across America, as pastors from all backgrounds are coming up with new ways to get their congregations to pay attention in church.

No ideas are too far-fetched as some of the stunts in church include powerlifting; getting a shave and a trim; and shockingly, punting the Bible like a football.

Here are three stunts performed for church audiences in recent days:

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Greg Locke: The Truth of Christ’s Affliction Before the Cross

For many Christians, the immediate pain of what Jesus felt upon the cross comes to mind when they think of His crucifixion. Yet, the reality is He experienced an excruciating amount of pain before He ever found His way to the cross.

In a message on the brutality that Jesus went through, Pastor Greg Locke of Global Vision Bible Church in Mount Juliet, Tennessee, discussed the physical torment Christ went through on our behalf.

Reading from the American Medical Journal, Locke said, “When the whips would strike the flesh instead of leaving a nice clean laceration, they would dig deeply into the flesh, and they would stay. The flogger would then have to pull the whips out and tore chunks of flesh off with it when it transpired … whole sections of flesh are completely torn off of the bone. After several blows, the back would be so shredded that parts of the spine would be exposed.”

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