Lt. Gen. Flynn Says Have the Courage to Fight for Your Faith

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Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn, retired, who has led brave men and women into battle all over the world, has a message: “I just don’t understand why believers aren’t flooding their churches, their state Capitols, their representatives and Washington, D.C., and responding with all they have at this critical hour.”

“This is not a battle for our president. This is a battle for our very country. We are up against a force that wants to remove God from every aspect of our nation,” he says. “Why do they keep us from worship while we can all go to Walmart? It couldn’t be clearer.”

Just pardoned by President Donald J. Trump, Flynn is a strong supporter of standing up for the election.

“We were there. We were stunned at the lack of respect those around the president have for him,” Flynn says, noting that the level of disrespect he saw toward the president, from people in the White House, was disappointing. “He is too nice. He has a big heart. He is a good man.”

Flynn describes what he sees as a twofold battle. First, he believes Christians have it too easy and do not realize the terrible fate that faces them if the electoral fraud is not stopped. Second, he’s concerned with the lack of even basic understanding of the Constitution, how our freedom was won and even the oath the president takes when he is sworn in.

“I would ask, how many people have even read the Constitution? How many know the terrible price paid by those who fought for our freedom? Do believers know how old Thomas Jefferson or Alexander Hamilton or the others were? Thomas Jefferson was 33, and Alexander Hamilton was 23 when they wrote the Declaration of Independence—at the risk of their lives. As believers, we need to pray, but we also need to know what it is we are praying and fighting for,” Flynn says.

About the election itself, Flynn is convinced that God has His hand on Trump, and that, ultimately, he will be inaugurated Jan. 20 because God will reveal the truth.

“The truth is that the president won in a landslide election on the night of Nov. 3, and then in the dark of night, the organized theft began,” he says, echoing the words of bestselling author of God, Trump and COVID-19 Stephen Strang, who says Trump supporters must out-plan and out-work the formidable opposition if Trump is to be reelected.

Flynn says that, as believers, we need to have an understanding of the foundations of faith and how and why America was birthed to be the beacon of hope, the true North Star or the “shining city on a hill” dedicated to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Believers need to trust in God and have hope that He will see us through and answer our prayers. What is needed most is courage.

Come to Washington, D.C., Wednesday, Jan. 6, and support the nation. Gathering to pray and show the strength of numbers is not about our president but about supporting our Constitution and our nation’s future. We cannot and must not fail.

Whatever it takes, take courage and come to Washington, D.C. If that is absolutely impossible, go to your state Capitol. Our future as a God-fearing nation, built upon Judeo-Christian values, depends on it.

John 8:32 says, “You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.” It is our motto, and we need men and women of courage to pray for the president and to show up.

“You are needed,” Flynn concludes. {eoa}

Amir George is the author of Liberating Iraq at and is on Parlor @Amir George.

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