Discover the Impact of Jesus on Culture Through the Eyes of ‘The Chosen’ Star in ‘Jonathan & Jesus’

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James Lasher

In a revealing exploration of faith and life’s challenges, Amazon Prime’s new docuseries, “Jonathan & Jesus,” takes viewers on a journey through the life and spiritual evolution of actor Jonathan Roumie, renowned for his portrayal of Jesus Christ in “The Chosen.”

Comprising four episodes, the series captures the actor’s travels across the United States and Europe. Along the way, he engages with figures from the entertainment industry, delving into conversations about the impact of Jesus on culture.

Fox News Digital recently spoke with Roumie via Zoom, where he shared the genesis of the docuseries. The idea sprouted from his 2021 meeting with Pope Francis and evolved from a one-off video into “a series about Jesus’ impact on the culture,” seen through the eyes of a man tasked with portraying Him—a role that carried its own weight.

“I think when Jesus felt the pressure of life, of human life, often He would go off on His own to pray and get recharged and just find quiet time,” says Roumie. “I do this. I find that doing the same thing—going off to pray by myself and just spend time with God in prayer alone—is monumentally impactful to me.”

“Jonathan & Jesus” not only explores Roumie’s encounters with industry figures but also delves into his personal struggles before landing the transformative role of Jesus. In the interview, he expresses his goal of revealing the depth of surrender required for his career to flourish.

“This commitment, this responsibility, this gift that I’ve been given—while challenging at times—ultimately is for my greater good, and for the potential for other people to find some sort of inspiration or some sort of connection or a return, in many cases, a return to faith,” he adds.

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Before joining “The Chosen,” Roumie faced financial hardships, maintaining a negative balance in his checking account while concealing his precarious situation from his family. Describing his efforts to control his career, generate auditions and make ends meet, Roumie recalls, “It was like, the more I try, the harder I tried to make everything run smoothly, the more chaotic it got.”

His turning point came when he relinquished control and handed his life over to God. In a moment of desperation, deep in debt and with limited resources, he prayed for guidance. “I give everything to You. If You want this to work, You’re going to have to help me figure out a way to survive,” he pleaded.

Roumie describes the profound relief he felt after surrendering control, and soon after, his fortunes began to change. “The point was that I committed to not having control over it anymore,” he says.

Approximately three months later, he received the life-altering role of Jesus Christ in “The Chosen.” The docuseries aims to inspire others facing struggles, encouraging them to follow its star’s example of putting their faith entirely in God.

“Jonathan & Jesus” serves as a beacon of hope for those navigating career impasses or personal challenges, urging them to release their tight grip on the reins and trust in the divine. Roumie believes that once individuals let go, God has the power to transform their lives.

The docuseries “Jonathan & Jesus” is available for streaming on Amazon Prime, inviting viewers to embark on a profound journey of faith, surrender and the transformative power of Jesus Christ.

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James Lasher is staff writer for Charisma Media.

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