Apostle: 5 Reasons Holy Spirit Wants to Transform You With Glory

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Shawn Akers

In the spiritual dimension, nothing is in the process of being created and nothing will be created in the “future.” Everything is fully developed, mature, complete, ready or formed. Additionally, everything in the spiritual realm is instantaneous, occurring in an eternal present.

In contrast, in the natural dimension, we are governed by time. That is why, after being created in heaven, everything that is formed on earth in fulfillment of God’s plan requires a process. This includes our life and our purpose.

Your purpose has already been established by God. However, there is an enormous distance between creation and formation—becoming what He created us to be. We need to undergo a process—usually a series of processes—for our purpose to reach maturity or fullness. And the aspects of our purpose will unfold as we await God’s earthly timing for fulfillment. We carry something powerful from God in the Spirit, but we must be ready to go through His process, so that what has already been created in the spiritual realm can be manifested in the natural realm.

The Law of Process

Just as there are universal laws in the natural world, such as the law of gravity or the laws of motion, there are laws in the spiritual world. Universal laws cannot be avoided, annulled or changed. The law of process is one of them. It is not optional, but rather a law to which every purpose of heaven is subject.

A process is a continuous series of actions, steps and changes that lead to a result or destination. Again, we undergo this process in order to be formed. To be “formed” means to be fully developed, completed, finished or trained. Growing in our purpose necessitates adapting to new levels of maturity, intellect and character. Without a doubt, we must often go through painful stages involving periods of adjustment and adaptation, until we reach the development and transformation that our purpose requires.

If we don’t go through this process, we won’t be able to enter into our destiny. Many people know in theory that they were created for a big purpose, but they haven’t been taught how to achieve it or what to do with it. Others understand the idea of process, but they aren’t willing to submit to it, and so they miss out on their potential. For this reason, breaking the law of process can be lethal to our calling.

Total Transformation

The main purpose of process is to achieve a total transformation in our lives. God’s process leads to the transformation of our spirit, soul, and body. We are to be transformed into the image of Christ, which is a continuous and progressive process that takes us “from glory to glory” (2 Cor. 3:18).

What can we expect from this process of transformation? Here are some of its divine purposes.

  1. Transformation changes our heart. All transformation into the image and likeness of Christ originates in the heart, not in the mind, even though the mind is also renewed. We cannot truly be changed merely by applying a mental understanding of sound principles. We must first be transformed in our spirit. When our spirit is renewed in Christ, we can undergo change in our minds and emotions.
  1. Transformation leads us to know God as our total reality. Our transformation by the Holy Spirit gives us an awareness of the reality of God and enables us to receive revelation of the Father’s mind. If we allow ourselves to be guided and changed by the Holy Spirit, we will be able to see God, in His splendor, in every area of our life.
  1. Transformation leads to a demonstration of God’s power, dominion and authority. The divine process allows us to experience God in the “now” and manifest His life and power in our environment. The more advanced the transformation of our body, mind, will and emotions, the more we can demonstrate the power of God and spread His kingdom with the authority that Jesus won on the cross.
  1. Transformation enables us to become a bearer of the glory of God. Transformation also brings the presence of God and makes us bearers of His glory. Wherever God’s presence is, heaven invades earth, and God does what man finds impossible. You can become a bearer of the glory of God if you allow yourself to be transformed by the Holy Spirit.
  1. Transformation puts to death the old nature. Each time we allow the Holy Spirit to bring change and healing to our minds and emotions, more of the power of the old sinful nature within us dies. At the same time, the holy nature of Jesus grows in us until we are transformed into His likeness.

As we become more like Christ, our transformation brings about the development of our personal character. Having mature character is a foundational condition for fulfilling our eternal purpose on earth. Ask the Holy Spirit to give you the strength and wisdom to submit to your personal process of transformation so that you can recognize your calling and achieve your purpose in life. {eoa}

Edited excerpt from Created for Purpose, © 2019 by Guillermo Maldonado, published by Whitaker House. Used with permission.

Active in ministry for over 20 years, bestselling author Apostle Guillermo Maldonado is the founder of King Jesus International Ministry—one of the fastest-growing multicultural churches in the United States—which has been recognized for its visible manifestations of God’s supernatural power. He is a spiritual father to 400 churches in 70 countries, which form the Supernatural Global Network. He is also the founder of the University of the Supernatural Ministry (USM). Apostle Maldonado has a doctorate in Christian counseling and a master’s degree in practical theology. He resides in Miami, Florida, with his wife and partner in ministry, Ana, and their two sons, Bryan and Ronald. Visit whitakerhouse.com.

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