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Morning Rundown: Marcus Rogers: The Holy Spirit Instructed Me to Expose Christian ‘Witches’

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Marcus Rogers: The Holy Spirit Instructed Me to Expose Christian ‘Witches’

In his online preaching, Marcus Rogers doesn’t hold anything back. If it doesn’t come from the truth of God’s Word, he won’t even touch the subject.

But, Rogers said in a recent video, that is hardly the case with many preachers and teachers out there, whether they are on the internet or behind the pulpit of a church. The senior pastor at Firehouse Church in Chicago, Rogers says there are multitudes of supposed distributors of God’s Word who are actually teaching and preaching witchcraft—and that they are “wolves in sheep’s clothing.

“I’ve been praying about this and I see a lot of things going on in Christianity right now,” Rogers says. “l just felt led by the Holy Spirit to come out here and expose these Christian witches, warlocks and wolves. A lot of people think I’m controversial, but I just have got to do what God has instructed me to do.

5 Reasons Rick Warren and Saddleback Church Are Challenging the SBC 

Drawing a line in the sand and preparing to utilize every available asset and resource at their disposal, author and founding pastor of Saddleback Church, Rick Warren, along with the church, are objecting to their expulsion from the Southern Baptist Convention.

Warren has now shared publicly that he feels he must speak up against what he and the church believes is an injustice for their appointment of female pastors.

The plan so far is for them to tactically release a series of videos that explains in-depth why Saddleback Church should remain a member of the SBC.

Is a Positive Bond Between Iran and Israel Really Happening? 

When massive Iranian street protests began last September after the death of a young woman, Mahsa Amini, taken into police custody for not wearing Iranian headgear properly, Iranian-American filmmaker Hooman Khalili decided he had to do something to support the women-led demonstrations and show solidarity with the Iranian people.

As Iranian security forces targeted women for death and arrest, poisoned young students in girls’ schools, then began to shoot into the eyes of female protesters, Khalili commissioned talented artists to produce banners that would focus on the women and their plight, a plight of repression shared by the vast majority of Iranians.

CBN News talked with Khalili in January when he brought an artistically beautiful banner to Israel—the first of its kind in the Middle East.

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