God Brings Your Miracle in the Tensions

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Shawn Bolz

We are in a tense time right now, it’s obvious. Finances, war activities, racism, politics, Christian intolerance, medical issues, and yet when we allow God to use times of tension in our lives, we see miracles that would have never been possible if it was a season of the “usual.”

Throughout biblical history, God has often worked His miracles in times of great tension. He doesn’t cause tension in most cases, but He uses it as a vehicle to deliver us a result that we could have never had manufactured any other way. His divine interventions not only altered circumstances, but also transformed the individuals involved from the inside out.

God is going to bring three types of transformation within us through the tension that is happening on a global scale.

1. Transformation of circumstances

We are going to see a transformation in our circumstances going from what we could produce on our own to what only God can produce. God is going to intervene to drastically alter the circumstances we are in right now. Just like in the Bible, Joseph goes from being a slave to becoming a ruler.

Daniel is rescued from the jaws of death and Esther saves her people from imminent genocide. Saul becomes Paul, the persecutor transforms into the protector and builder, and the woman at the well changes from a social outcast to a town evangelist.

God, in His divine power, shifts the narrative and changes the circumstances in ways that only He can. You are going to have some of the most powerful testimonies that can last generationally because of what God is allowing you to endure.

2. Transformation of character

God’s interventions do not merely change situations; they transform characters and cultures. We are going to see a moral reformation, a new loyalty to character, and we are going to see this is the season where God is going to allow some on top who will be beacons of certain attributes of character that give the world an example.

Much like in the Bible when Joseph grows in humility and wisdom, and when he receives his brothers back, it becomes the salvation of a whole nation. Daniel is seen for his wisdom, self control and faith and a whole nation listens to him. Esther demonstrates wild courage as well as loyalty to her people that is virtually unheard of in her time and it shows the world what a devotion and love for a living God that changes everything.

Paul’s whole life direction and purpose are changed and he goes from being a persecutor of the gospel to being the primary trusted source of influence. The Samaritan woman finds new dignity through Jesus and her entire character is changed in front of an entire town and a mission is born.

It’s during these times of tension that their characters are refined and molded into God’s design. They became a testament to the transformative power of God’s miraculous interventions and they get divinely placed to be seen for what it looks like to have an actual relationship with a living God.

3. Transformation of communities

This tension will also result in the transformation of communities. People are getting raised up in the tension to have unusual voices and authority over problems that have such a scale that no one seems to be able to meet it. As organizations are failing to meet their goals in defeating racism (BLM), in helping to bring economic equity and justice, in areas of politics and school systems, God is raising people up from the tension of being hidden into the forefront of an issue.

We see this as well in Egypt and Canaan who were saved from famine due to Joseph’s position, the Israelites saw God’s deliverance through Daniel, and the Jews were spared due to Esther’s bravery. The Christian community got a new leader in Paul, the town of Sychar experienced revival through the testimony of the Samaritan woman and the church gained new members in the jailer’s household. God’s miracles ripple outward, creating broader changes and spreading His glory.

Some of these communities will be reached by Christians who are just doing what is right like the example of Rosa Parks who sat where it was illegal because it was the right thing to do and it changed everything.

Spiritually, we can see the weapons forming all around us, but we have to remember that the Scripture says “No weapon formed against you will prosper.”

The weapons are going to sometimes even be fully formed, and used against others who are not walking in the will of God so they will sometimes even be scary because they are useful weapons in the hands of your enemies. But when the weapons come toward you, they will not prosper. You will be spared.

“But in that coming day no weapon turned against you will succeed. You will silence every voice raised up to accuse you. These benefits are enjoyed by the servants of the Lord; their vindication will come from me. I, the Lord, have spoken!” (Isa. 54:17, NLT).

So, embrace God in the tension. Don’t allow spiritual confusion to take away from your soul trusting in God and walking out God’s leadership where sometimes you can’t see ahead but you know you have a Father leading you even when there isn’t clarity or when there is a battle line drawn that He will fight for you.

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Shawn Bolz is a TV and podcast host, an author, producer and a Christian minister. He has been leading conversations in the church, entertainment industry and in social justice that have helped believers connect their faith to culture in a transformative way. Shawn’s deeply connected yet humorous style of speaking, media hosting & coaching through his unique expert perspective has brought him around the world to meet with churches, CEO’s, entertainers and world leaders.

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