Chuck Pierce: ‘The New is Now’

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James Lasher

Prophet Chuck Pierce recently delivered a powerful prophetic word, declaring that the year 2024 is ushering in a significant shift with the theme “New is Now.” In his insightful message, Pierce emphasizes the transformative nature of this period, signifying a fresh beginning and divine acceleration.

According to Pierce, the Lord is orchestrating a profound renewal and breakthrough, urging believers to embrace the unprecedented opportunities and advancements that the “New is Now” brings.

As the President and Founder of Glory of Zion in Corinth, Texas, and the President of Global Spheres Ministries, Pierce is recognized for his expertise in the Hebraic calendar and his ability to bridge the gap between individuals with a Hebraic background and those from a Christian background. His message, delivered with an apostolic anointing, carries the power to establish new dimensions in the spiritual realm.

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“The thing about new is: you don’t have it all defined yet because you’re walking in a path or you’re walking in something that has never come into the quality that God is going to bring it into. That’s what the word ‘new’ means. It means something that’s never been before or something that will be a better quality in days ahead, and yet I think we have to step forward by faith into it and and then we begin to see clearly,” shares Pierce.

The central theme of Pierce’s message revolves around embracing the new and stepping into uncharted territories with faith. Drawing inspiration from a vision shared by his son Isaac, where the sky resembled a new blanket, Pierce encourages believers to declare, “The new is now,” over their lives. He emphasizes that the concept of “new” entails something undefined yet promises a better quality in the days ahead.

“At the beginning of the year the Lord of hosts will triumph because we have to know we’ve got to understand the triumphant of the Lord this season. Triumph means that you play the trump card. Now, I’m a card player from way back, and you always have to know the timing when to play that trump card, and you always have to watch [what is] being played around you. And I decree over you right now, that no matter what you’re doing you will triumph within it,” declares Pierce.

In his address, Pierce alludes to a vision during the Feast of Tabernacles, where believers are depicted as wearing shoes resembling swords. This imagery signifies that the upcoming year will not be one of peace until individuals walk with the sword to bring about peace. It sets the tone for a year that requires a proactive and assertive approach to navigate challenges and establish peace.

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“The Lord has shown me several things this year. One thing that He showed me, first of all at Feast of Tabernacles was He caught me up and He showed me our shoes were like swords, and He said this won’t be a year of peace until you walk with the sword to bring the peace. So that gave me an indicator of what the year was going to be like ahead as we go into 2024,” Pierce reveals.

As part of the interactive aspect of Pierce’s message, he urges believers to recognize themselves as part of the identified remnant. This remnant, emerging since September 2019, signifies a new order tasked with enforcing justice against the prevailing evil in the earthly realm. Pierce underscores the significance of acknowledging one’s role in this new historical era and the responsibility to answer the call to enforce justice.

“This new, historical time we’re living in has been identified in a new way…I believe it started in September of 2019 and now the Lord has a new order to enforce justice against the evil that has formed in the earth realm. And one of the things I want you to know is that you’re going to have to answer this question probably every morning when you get up, because war is going to be on every front and you have to say, ‘Where is my real war?’ You don’t want to get into war that you’re not supposed to be in. War means conflict. You you don’t want to seek after conflict, but when conflict is in your path or in your promise, you’re going to have to have a responsibility to rule within it,” Pierce warns.

Pierce’s 2024 prophetic message serves as a guide for believers, urging them to embrace the new and navigate the upcoming year with faith, courage and a proactive spirit. The vivid visions and insights shared by Pierce offer a glimpse into the spiritual realm and provide valuable wisdom for those seeking divine direction in their lives. As believers stand on the threshold of the new, Pierce’s message serves as a beacon of hope, encouraging them to speak life, embrace change and contend for authority through the supernatural.

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James Lasher is Staff Writer for Charisma Media.

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