Critics Condemn BSA for Eliminating ‘Boy’ from Boy Scouts

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After more than a century, the Boy Scouts of America is changing its name to become a more “inclusive” organization several years after welcoming girls and gay boys into its scouting program.

The Texas-based organization is dropping “Boys” from its title to become Scouting America – after holding its namesake for the last 114 years – to shed its image while roiled in bankruptcy and sexual abuse claims. 

The rebranding effort is a major shift for the organization that exclusively started for boys aged 11 to 15 and aimed to develop “good citizenship, chivalrous behavior and skill in various outdoor activities.”

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However, in 2013, the organization made the exception to allow gay and transgender boys into the program and in 2015 it ended a ban on gay leaders. Then in 2017, the organization announced it would allow girls into its flagship Boy Scout program, renaming that to Scouts BSA.

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