Nephilim Expert LA Marzulli Warns Against Alien Hoaxes

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James Lasher

Aliens are hitting the headlines once more, with images from Mexico featuring what appeared to be mummified alien corpses.

L.A. Marzulli, renowned supernatural and Nephilim expert, cautions Christians to discern between truth and deception in these turbulent times.

Marzulli recently spoke with Charisma News in an exclusive interview, and began by stressing the absence of solid evidence or provenance for these alien claims. Archaeologists and researchers always seek a clear origin for any discovery, but these alleged alien artifacts lack that crucial information.

“Anybody who’s in this field, if you see something, you immediately stop. If you uncover something you stop. You put down a ruler, a marker, a yardstick, $1 bill, something! That’s huge. There is no provenance for this thing. Strike one off the bat,” Marzulli explains.

“Number two, it looks to me like a construct, and having been involved in this for decades, and been fooled once, it looks like a construct. So, x-rays can fool you.”

Drawing a parallel to his own research, Marzulli recounts a mysterious bronze lance found in Michigan tracing back to Saudi Arabia.

“It was found in an abandoned campsite by this guy in the middle of nowhere. And it’s old, it’s very old. It’s been cold worked, it’s been hammered, it’s got a sharp edge, it’s a lance. …My gosh, if we could only know where it was dug up, or found, [but] we have none of that. It has no provenance,” Marzulli says.

He goes on to expose the pitfalls of these alien hoaxes, noting that many similar claims have emerged in the past. To illustrate, he recounts a case where a convincing fairy-like creature turned out to be an elaborate fabrication. Even experts can be deceived.

“Whoever did this was a great taxidermist. We took it up to the Natural History Museum in Santa Barbara, and really deconstructed it. We [found] bat wings, we’ve got the head of a bat. We’ve got a stinger on the tail [that] was actually the finger of a squirrel. The taxidermist was just taking different animals and constructing it together,” Marzulli reveals.

Marzulli also highlights the recent congressional testimony by a whistleblower who claimed the recovery of non-human biological matter from crashed UFOs. The gravity of such assertions cannot be overstated, as they challenge our understanding of reality. However, he urges caution, emphasizing that deception is a powerful tool and that discernment is vital.

“This is what the Lord has called me to do. This is the coming Great Deception,” Marzulli warns.

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“We are seeing the beginnings of that strong delusion, and the strong delusion is, ‘Well, there is no God. We [aliens] actually created all life on this planet,’ when they show up. ‘We created all life. We genetically manipulated early man, we started the earth civilizations, the earliest religions. Now, at this critical juncture in human history, we are back to usher mankind’s Gold Age.’

“And the late-Chuck Missler used to say he believed that the Antichrist would boast some sort of an alien connection. And I also believe that, so we are being set up for something,” Marzulli says.

The Nephilim expert points out that deception is a recurring theme in the Bible, quoting Matthew 24:24 and 2 Thessalonians 2:9-11 as passages that forewarn of great deception in the end times. He underscores the responsibility of pastors to address these topics from a biblical perspective and prepare their congregations for what lies ahead.

“Pastor’s basically can start by warning their congregation [about] what is going on. Do it from a biblical viewpoint, go to Genesis 3:15. Look at who’s there. Look at what Jesus tells the dragon and the woman. What’s going on is prophecy, the first prophecy in the Bible. It’s the first prophecy about Messiah. You’re seed, the dragon’s seed, the dragon’s offspring will be at war in enmity with the offspring, the seed of the woman.

“So, it’s a seed war, it’s the offspring. Which means that angels can reproduce. And that’s the problem. We never hear that in church, but it’s the offspring of the dragon and we can tap dance around that till we’re blue in the face, [but] you can’t change it. …You need to bring your congregation into the seed war, because the seed war is the entire biblical narrative,” Marzulli explains.

Marzulli’s insights serve as a reminder that discernment and a solid biblical foundation are essential in navigating the complex terrain of alien hoaxes and potential end times deceptions.

If Christians are to have any chance of navigating these end times deceptions, they must do so with the power of the Holy Spirit and biblical literacy in their hearts.

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James Lasher is Staff Writer for Charisma Media.

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