Did Prophetic Word Foretell ‘Demon of Death’ Attacking Maui?

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Shawn Akers

On July 16, three weeks before the wildfires began, prophet Charlie Shamp of Destiny Encounters gave a prophetic warning to the people of Hawaii that a “demon of death” would land in the form of a dragon in that state that would cause people to die.

The wildfires, which sparked and began to spread on Aug. 8, have killed 114 people as of Monday. Many media outlets are reporting that more than 850 people are still missing from the destructive blaze.

While ministering in Hawaii, Shamp says the Lord released him to deliver a hard, prophetic word to the state—a word that was connected to its “covenant with abortion.”

“This was a significant warning that the demon of death would land in the form of a dragon in the state and would cause people to die,” Shamp prophesied in a video on his YouTube channel, Destiny Encounters.

In March 1970, according to Hawaii.edu, Hawaii became one of the first states in the union to decriminalize abortion. That day, it changed its 100-year-old law on abortion and became the first state to allow abortion essentially at the request of a woman.

Now, Shamp says, Hawaii is paying for its sins more than a year after the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, an infamous law which made abortion legal on a national level beginning in 1973.

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“I want you to hear me very carefully. We have seen the overturning of one of the greatest, strongest demons in America,” Shamp says. “That demon of death has been rebuked and the bloodshed has been lifted off certain places in America. But just as a spirit is driven out, it goes to look for another place where it can land. The enemy seeks a place where there is an open door that he can come.”

Shamp says he and his family traveled to Hawaii in July to deliver the prophetic warning to its people.

“We are here (Hawaii) by God’s divine design for this time. The enemy tried to stop me from coming to these islands to even deliver this word,” he says. “The enemy seeks to bring some significant bloodshed upon this place. But it will be through intercession of the saints that the door will be closed. But you must to rise up in this hour and close the door on that demonic power that is lifted off of certain states but seeks to come to this place.

“What did the dragon in Revelation 12 want to do? He wanted to kill the baby. The Spirit of the Lord revealed to me that dragon seeks to bring the spirit of death upon this place. The spirit that lifted off of the nation through Roe v. Wade in certain sections where abortion will not be allowed any longer … he seeks to land in the place to bring bloodshed and unless there is significant intercession that will come up from these islands, a spirit of death will come into this place.”

Shamp encourages everyone to continue in prayer for the people of Maui and the state of Hawaii.

“I’ve been in shock and heartbroken over the news of what has transpired in Maui as we were just there a few weeks ago with the family,” Shamp said last week. “The burden of the Lord came over me one day while I was there and I just began to weep. I knew within my heart what I had seen was going to come. But what the enemy has meant for evil, the Lord will turn it into good.” {eoa}

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Shawn A. Akers is the online editor at Charisma Media.

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