Amanda Grace Prophecy: God’s Warning of Future Crisis

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Abby Trivett

Is the coming eclipse a sign that we are in the middle of a spiritual battle like Jonah?

In an urgent prophetic message, Amanda Grace is sounding the alarm of what kind of spiritual battle we are currently in. She cautions that God is trying to get the attention of the saints to turn away from their wicked ways with true repentance. Just as Jonah was to preach repentance and coming destruction to Nineveh, we too are finding ourselves in this same position.

“It was a prophetic warning of repent, or God is going to destroy the entire city,” Grace says.

Just as there was darkness that came upon the land of Egypt near Passover, Grace is warning how the coming eclipse is our sign of a dark moment near Passover, signifying a needed return to the Lord.

“The path of totality for this eclipse is Eagle Pass, Texas, where this immigration clash is happening, where a major battle of the Civil War was fought. A pass is a point of entry. It is also a rejection,” Grace says.

Not only is this eclipse passing through an area of contention, it is also happening between Purim and Passover, two important Jewish holidays.

“Two holy days where the people of God are simultaneously delivered as severe judgment falls on the wicked who not only persecuted God’s children, but committed idolatry and blasphemy against the Lord at the highest levels of government,” Grace says.

The timing of the eclipse is much deeper than a simple call for prayer and repentance. It has a potentially prophetic connection with war.

“There was a significant battle fought during the Civil War at Eagle Pass, and April 12th, 1861 begins the Civil War. There was an annular solar eclipse 1861, Jan. 11th,” Grace says.

The Revolutionary War also was connected to both a partial eclipse and a total solar eclipse. So now we must ask: what kind of war might be connected to the upcoming eclipse of April 8th?

“Now we find ourselves in a battle for this nation. It’s not only a revolution, but it’s a revelationary war,” Grace says.

Today we can undoubtedly look around and see the spiritual battle before us, both good and evil desiring to have our hearts and minds. This revelationary war is over our ultimate allegiance of what we will worship: God or the world.

Abby Trivett is a marketing copywriter and coordinator for Charisma Media.

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