2024: A Year of Reformation and Revival

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James Lasher

As the world continues to face a multitude of challenges, it is more important than ever to hold onto our faith and trust in Jesus Christ. In the midst of these trials, a prophetic word from Joseph Z, as shared in an exclusive interview with Charisma News, sheds light on the future and provides hope for believers.

The Prophetic Word: A Time of Revival and Reformation

During the interview, Joseph Z shared a prophetic word that he received from the Lord, which included a timeline of events and a vision of a giant tornado. Despite the seemingly negative nature of these events, the Lord revealed that there would be a time of Revival and Reformation in the midst of the storm.

This message is a powerful reminder that even in the darkest moments, God is still at work. He is calling His people to run towards the battle, not away from it, and to stand firm in their faith. As we navigate the end times, we can take comfort in the knowledge that God is with us and that He has a plan for our lives.

Following the recording of the interview and the Z’s vision of a giant tornado, Hendersonville, Tennessee, was rocked by a devastating tornado that tore through the area leaving destruction in it’s path.

The Redwoods Rising: A United Front Against Wickedness

One of the most encouraging aspects of the prophetic word is the promise of the Redwoods Rising. This term refers to a united front of believers who will stand together against the wicked agenda of the world. These individuals will be like mighty Redwoods, united in their faith and unwavering in their commitment to righteousness.

As the end of the age draws closer, it is crucial that we, as believers, stand together and support one another. The Bible tells us that a cord of three strands is not easily broken (Eccl. 4:12), and this principle is just as true for the body of Christ. By joining forces and lifting each other up in prayer, we can be a powerful force against the darkness that threatens to engulf the world.

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A Bright Future: The New America and the Young Lions

In the midst of the storm, there is a promise of a new America and a bright future for the nations that follow God’s plan. This new era will be marked by the rise of the Young Lions, a generation of believers who are filled with the Spirit of God and ready to take on the challenges of the end times.

As we look forward to this new era, it is important to remember that our hope is not found in the world, but in Jesus Christ. He is the light that shines in the darkness, and His presence with us ensures that we will never be alone. By keeping our eyes fixed on Him and trusting in His promises, we can face the future with confidence and hope.

A Call to Action For Believers

As we approach the end times, it is crucial that we remain steadfast in our faith and trust in Jesus Christ. The prophetic word shared by Joseph Z serves as a powerful reminder that even in the midst of darkness, there is hope and a bright future for those who stand firm in their faith.

Let us heed the call to run towards the battle, not away from it, and to stand united as a body of believers. By doing so, we can be a powerful force for good in the world and a beacon of hope for those who are lost in the darkness. May we always remember that our future is secure in the hands of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

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James Lasher is Staff Writer for Charisma Media.

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