Brian Gibson 2024 Prophetic Word: “God’s Igniting a Holy Hunger”

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Abby Trivett

In an exclusive interview with Charisma News, Brian Gibson gave a prophetic word for 2024 that brings both life and warning to what will be coming to America.

“I think the camp of darkness is more hungry for iniquity, and confusion, and pain, and trauma and turmoil,” Gibson said. “And they’re hungry to demonize young minds and to destroy worldviews. And so therefore, when the enemy comes in, like, comes in, right the original language says, like a flood, God lifts up a standard. So, I think God’s igniting a holy hunger in the saints. And what we’re seeing right now, at the end of 2023—I see revival breaking out not just in our church, but around America, little pockets of it.”

Gibson says that this hunger for righteousness is just a preview for all that we will see coming—both the merciful and the incoming judgment.

“I think if the church will allow God to come in and do what He wants to do, that He’s going to break the chain,” Gibson said. “I think darkness is going to come to America at an unprecedented rate…But that what God’s gonna do in the church will be an acceleration.”

Part of the darkness Gibson says that will be flooding through America is due to lampstands losing their light.

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“I see in 2024 a lot of lampstands being extinguished,” Gibson said. Gibson noted that God spoke to him about spotlights being broken for shining the wrong things. This is a warning for churches to realize the discipline that God is getting ready to provide them with.

“Understand there’s a spiritual principle, that if we live like the world, we’re going to reap from the world,” Gibson said. “And we live like the church, we’ll reap from the church. So, reap from the Spirit of God. There are lampstands that have been focused on the wrong things, and they’ve been shining on the wrong things.”

Gibson says the issue with these churches is that they’ve had their minds set on things not of the Spirit of God, but on themselves.

“Their lampstands had been focused on the wrong things, and they’ve been shining on the wrong things. And the attention is ‘me,'” Gibson said. “My platform, make me bigger, make me larger, whatever it takes, and it’s produced nothing. And I think, one by one, a lot of those things are just getting moved out of the way…I think everybody got so focused on this kind of world, that we lost a morality, we lost the power of God, we lost the fear of the Lord. We lost all of these things that really mattered.”

While Gibson’s words are meant to encourage the church to move back closer to the heart of the gospel, he also wants to remind the church to stay focused on Christ, not the prophets who deliver words.

“We know in part and we prophesy in part. So, if you hang all of your like hope and faith, you know whether you’re right or not, every time you’re putting your faith in your gift instead of the Giver of the gift,” Gibson said.

As we see 2024 just around the corner, we must remember that God is wanting us to stay on target and focused on His purpose as we continue to prepare for the second coming of Christ.

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Abby Trivett is a marketing copywriter and coordinator for Charisma Media.

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