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When God Has a High Calling for You, Expect High Standards

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James Lasher

As the world struggles with finding identity in an ever-confusing landscape, Christians can find relief in the fact that their identity is spelled out for them in the Word of God.

In the Bible there is also the call to follow Jesus and turn away from the life a person was previously living. This is because God has a higher calling for His children than the world does. With this higher calling comes a set of higher standards however, and too often people compare their lives to those who are living according to the world’s standards.

According to Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, Christians are not alone in this commandment from the Lord to live according to His morality and will. Israel was doing this for thousands of years, yet with a higher calling brings with it the possibility of a harder fall from grace as well.

“There were other nations far worse than Israel, pagan nations, but Israel had known more, seen more, been given more, so more was required,” explains Cahn.

“So, judgement came to Israel that did not come to the other nations in the same way. The fall was greater [for] Israel because they knew more, they were given more. That is why I fear for America, because when a judgement comes to America, if it does not turn back [to God], it will be more severe,” continues Cahn.

It seems the leadership of America, like the evil kings of ancient Israel, are intent on testing the patience, grace and mercy of God to see just how far they can delve into the practices of Satan before God removes His hand of protection and blessing from the nation.

There are heroes of the Bible who understood the price that must be paid by serving God.

Moses is perhaps the greatest example of Old Testament sacrifice in the service of the Lord. Yet for all of Moses’ obedience and submission, so great and high was his calling, that when he struck a rock so that water would flow forth from it in anger when the Lord had instructed him to command the rock to send forth water, it cost him the opportunity of stepping foot into the Promised Land (Deut. 32:51-52).

Paul is an example of New Testament submission to the will of God while bearing His standard to a world living in sin.

“Paul was used powerfully, yet there was a price,” Cahn says.

“He said ‘I can’t do these things that everybody can do, I can’t do this because this is what God has called me to.’ He dealt with a lot of stuff, went through a lot of stuff, but he was Paul. He changed the world because he was consecrated to God. Perfect? No, none of them were perfect, but consecrated to God,” Cahn adds.

As Christians today navigate the muddy waters of theology that is lacking in the power of the Holy Spirit, sermons that are seeker-friendly but leave out the importance of living consecrated lives set apart from the world, there must be an understanding that to reach the higher calling God has on their lives they must in turn live a life that is worthy of that calling.

It is an intentional choice to live this life that is separated from how the world lives. God does not say it will be easy, in fact Paul warns of the difficulties he personally faced on the journey of living a sacred life in obedience to the calling the Lord had on him. But it is worth it.

“You are a child of God,” Cahn says. “That is a high calling. How does a child of God love? … The Bible says you have a high and holy calling. Paul said live in a manner worthy of a high calling. He didn’t say some of you have it and some of you don’t. He said all of you have a high calling.”

James Lasher is Staff Writer for Charisma Media.

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