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Morning Rundown: Stop Limiting the Flow of Holy Spirit’s Oil

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Stop Limiting the Flow of Holy Spirit’s Oil

A few years ago the Lord challenged me about my level of spiritual hunger. He showed me that even though I had repeatedly sung the words, “Lord, I want more of You,” I wasn’t as passionate for Him as I thought I was.

My church sponsored a conference about the Holy Spirit. At the close of one service I was lying on the floor near the altar asking God for another touch of His power. Several other people were kneeling at the communion rail and praying quietly for each other.

Suddenly I began to have a vision. In my mind I could see a large pipeline, at least eight feet in diameter, spanning a landscape that looked like the Texas countryside. I was looking at the pipe from the inside, and I could see a shallow stream of golden liquid flowing at the bottom. The oil in the giant pipe was only a few inches deep.

Actress Finds Redemption in Jesus After Decade in a Cult 

Actress Bethany Joy Lenz, known for her role in “One Tree Hill,” recently disclosed her decade-long involvement in a cult, expressing her eagerness to share her story.

During an episode of the “Drama Queens” podcast, Lenz, joined by former co-stars Hilarie Burton Morgan, Sophia Bush and guest Michaela McManus, discussed her desire to write about her experience and the subsequent 10-year recovery journey.

Lenz, who portrayed Haley James on the popular teen drama series, acknowledged the significance of her cult experience and expressed her intention to explore it in writing. However, she acknowledged the pressure of accurately conveying her ordeal and the constraints posed by ongoing legal matters surrounding the cult.

Artificial Intelligence Bringing Bible Translations to Other 90% of Languages

In a groundbreaking endeavor, a team of specialists in California is utilizing artificial intelligence to translate the Bible into languages that currently lack a written version of God’s Word.

The Greek Room project team, led by Ulf Hermjakob and Joel Mathew from the University of Southern California’s Information Sciences Institute (ISI), aims to develop tools to enhance the efficiency of Bible translation.

Collaborating with Wycliffe Bible Translators, the project acknowledges the lengthy and painstaking process of Bible translation, which can extend beyond a decade. Out of the 7,100 languages worldwide, only around 700 possess a complete Bible, while over 6,000 languages lack a comprehensive version.

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