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Building Wealth God’s Way with Pastor Jim Baker

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James Lasher

Pastor Jim Baker (that’s one K and no Tammy Faye) is letting Christians know it’s OK to be blessed and work toward expanding the kingdom of God.

The love of money is certainly a sin, but God’s blessing is available to all people, no matter the situation, and God wants people to use His blessings to build His kingdom.

“We get ourselves into trouble because we think that in order to be blessed, we need to be poor,” says Baker in an exclusive Charisma News interview.

“One of the most important things is you must understand what God’s will is on something. You cannot attach your faith to something if you do not even know what God says,” he adds.

In the spirit of biblical verses such as Romans 12:2 which warns believers to “not be conformed to this world,” wealth is to be used not for one’s own increase, but for the increase of God’s kingdom.

Continuing in Romans 12:2 believers are told to “be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.” This includes how to gain funds that may be necessary for a ministry, because God can and will supply those needs.

By understanding the will of God, as Baker says, you will align yourself with His plans for the wealth He may bring your way, and the good and perfect way to put it to use.

“Part of what Jesus paid on the cross is for you to have an abundant provision, so you can abound in every good work,” explains Baker.

“Anytime there’s a need that comes across your path, and your heart is moved to meet that need, God wants you to have a stream of income to meet that need,” continues Baker.

There are times when a Christian sees a need in the world, and they truly wish they had the means to help in that need. What then, are their actions to be able to fulfill that desire in the future?

It would be to, biblically, earn enough income to support oneself while at the same time building the kingdom by sowing into those areas they wish to help support because the Lord put it on their heart to.

“My definition of prosperity is you have more than enough resources to fulfill every divine assignment God has for you, and enough left over to help others fulfill theirs,” says Baker.

The point of finances and prosperity isn’t to have the newest car or build up one’s bank account so they do not have to worry about bills, but to sow into God’s kingdom and help others play their part in the call God has for their lives as well.

“Jesus was prosperous. He wasn’t some hotshot, flashy evangelist walking around with a bunch of bling. But He had the provision for the vision God gave Him. He was outrageously generous. Whisper something, and Judas is there. [At] the Last Supper, Judas gets up, and what do the disciples say? They say, ‘Oh, there he goes to give away more money in the middle of the night because Jesus was such an outrageous giver by lifestyle,” says Baker.

So, when taking time to talk to the Lord about how to further His kingdom, are Christians asking for the provision or inspiration to seize that provision to fulfill the call God has for them?

If not, they should, and then be amazed at how richly the Lord blesses those who seek provision for His sake and not merely their own.

James Lasher is Staff Writer for Charisma Media.

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