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7 Ways to Live a Victorious Life

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Chad Dunlap

Fear has the power to paralyze individuals, preventing them from living fulfilling lives. Satan comes to steal, kill and destroy and wants to steal your peace daily.

As believers, we know that Jesus came to give you life and give it to you more abundantly. Your life is moving in the direction of your strongest thoughts, so your mind and thinking must remain on the Lord if you want to experience true peace in this fallen world.

Troy Black has offered seven spiritual insights on overcoming the enemy and the fear that Satan is trying to plant into your life.

1. Don’t give the devil too much authority.

Many people find themselves walking in fear because they give the devil more power and authority than he possesses. However, it is crucial to understand that the devil is like a little dragon compared to the greatness of God. While he may try to deceive and intimidate, but his power is limited in comparison to the limitless power of our heavenly Father. By acknowledging this truth, we can regain our confidence and refuse to be intimidated by the enemy.

2. Fix your eyes on God.

When facing fear and adversity, it is essential to shift our focus onto God. Rather than dwelling on the influence of the devil, we must fix our eyes on the greatness, power and love of our heavenly Father. By recognizing His sovereignty and His faithfulness, we gain a renewed perspective that helps us navigate through challenging situations. Trusting in God’s character and His promises diminishes the devil’s ability to cause fear and doubt in our lives.

3. Greater is He who is in you.

Do not let the devil intimidate you, for God, the Almighty, remains unfazed by his presence. As believers, we have the assurance that we are clothed in the armor of God, equipped to stand against the enemy’s attacks. When we truly understand the authority we have in Christ, we realize that the devil holds no power over us. He may attempt to intimidate and deceive, but his tactics are no match for the power and authority bestowed upon us by our Savior. With this realization, we should stand firm in our faith and refuse to be intimidated by his schemes.

4. Be alert, but not afraid.

While it is important to be aware of the enemy’s tactics, living in constant fear is not the solution. As believers, we are called to be on guard against the schemes of the enemy, recognizing his desire to steal, kill and destroy. However, instead of succumbing to fear, we are encouraged to remain vigilant and steadfast in our faith. By staying rooted in the Word of God, relying on His guidance and walking in the power of the Holy Spirit, we can face any challenge without fear. Our trust in God’s protection and provision enables us to navigate through life with confidence and assurance.

5. Victory found in Christ

In the face of death and despair, believers can find hope and victory through Christ. First Corinthians 15:55 asks, “O death, where is your sting? O grave, where is your victory?” This question illustrates the triumph over death that is bestowed upon us through our faith in Christ. Through His death and resurrection, Jesus conquered sin, death and the powers of darkness. As believers, we are united with Christ, and His victory becomes our victory. In Him, we find strength, courage and the assurance of eternal life. Victory is not just a possibility but a reality for those who trust in Him.

6. Birthed into the kingdom

As believers, we are not merely sworn into the kingdom of God, but are lovingly birthed into it. “You don’t have to forge your own path anymore, you don’t have to make it work.” This beautiful truth signifies our special relationship with our heavenly Father. We are not mere servants but beloved children of God, chosen and adopted into His family. Understanding our identity as children of God strengthens our resolve and bolsters our confidence in facing the enemy. We have been given authority and the privilege to call upon the name of Jesus, knowing that He hears and answers our prayers. This intimate connection with God empowers us to overcome fear and walk in victory.

7. United in victory

We are not alone in our battle against the enemy. As a community of believers, we are called to stand together, supporting and encouraging one another. The power of unity in Christ cannot be underestimated. When we join forces, we witness the power of God manifesting in our midst. Together, we become a formidable force against the enemy’s schemes. We share our victories and testimonies, inspiring and uplifting one another. In this unity, we find strength, encouragement and the assurance that victory is not just an individual experience but a shared reality.

Fear is a common struggle that affects many individuals, but it does not have to define our lives. By adopting these seven principles, we can reclaim our authority, fix your eyes on God, and overcome the fear that the devil seeks to instill.

We must remember that the devil is a defeated foe, and our God is greater and more powerful than anything we face. Through Christ, we find victory over fear, doubt and the schemes of the enemy. As we embrace our identity as children of God, we walk with confidence, knowing that we are loved, protected and equipped to face any challenge.

Let us unite as a community of believers, supporting one another and standing together in the victorious name of Jesus. In Him, fear is conquered and victory is assured.

Chad Dunlap is the Vice President of Business Development at Charisma Media.

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