WATCH: The Lost Ark of the Covenant in the Holy City?

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This video aims to present various possibilities for the current location of the elusive Ark of the Covenant, mentioned throughout the Old Testament but most notably in the Book of Exodus.

Does the Ark remain hidden, enduring thousands of years since its last mention in the holy scriptures?

Spanning locations from Ethiopia to the underground vaults beneath the Vatican, from Jerusalem to places yet unknown, this fascinating four-part series delves into the biblical mystery alongside ALL ISRAEL NEWS’ Aaron Goel-Angot, a young archaeologist and ancient coin expert.

Could the Ark of the Covenant be here in the city where I live – Jerusalem?

Hi, I’m Aaron Goel, an archaeologist and coin expert.

Finding the Ark’s final resting place is one of the biggest quests in Bible archaeology, so let’s dig into this exciting question because getting our hands dirty is what we archaeologists love!

Ancient stories suggest the Ark had poles permanently attached, implying it was hidden deep under the ruined temple.

The scripture notes the poles remained in the holy place to this day, like a secret code saying the ark could be right under our feet.

Smart researchers think that when Babylon threatened, the people protecting the Ark lowered it through hidden tunnels into secret caves below.

These priceless relics now wait to be found just steps beneath where different religions meet.

Decoding secret messages and avoiding tricky traps, daring explorers sneak into forbidden digs.

Maybe an X marks the spot of this legendary treasure’s hidden chamber.

Today, respected rabbis claim these scripture clues prove the Ark was buried under the Temple Mount by Jeremiah before Babylon attacked.

Interestingly, God’s Word last mentioned the Ark in Jeremiah 3:16, saying: “People will no longer say, ‘The Ark of the Covenant of the Lord.’ It will not be missed, nor will another one be made.”

Could Jeremiah have hidden the Ark away and left this passage as a clue about its disappearance?

With no way to dig at the Temple Mount, we may never know for sure. But if we listen to Jeremiah’s words, do we even need the Ark today? Some believe it waits to be found for rebuilding the Third Temple.

In 1981, there was a dispute over the excavated Warren’s Gate tunnel that may lead to the Mount’s foundation. Some claimed it could access the Ark’s hidden chamber.

So is the Ark’s path leading to Jerusalem?

As we say here, only God knows – well maybe God and Jeremiah.

The All Israel News Staff is a team of journalists in Israel.

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