End Times Revelation: A Unique Transaction Between Jewish and Gentile Believers

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Grant Berry and Leslie Crincoli

The Romans 911 Project Webinar is a new, one-of-a-kind virtual meeting for the Ekklesia/church where believers from around the globe can enter into a deeper dialogue on One New Man (ONM) issues. In this meeting, Grant Berry focuses on the goal and purpose from chapter One of the Romans 911 book. For more information and to join The R911 Project monthly webinar, please click here.

Romans 911 issues a call to transform and mobilize the Ekklesia/church at this most crucial time in history to prepare the bride individually and corporately for the Lord’s return through a reunited body of Jewish and Gentile believers, as well as with all races and tongues according to John 17. The emerging movement in the body to reconnect God’s family is a vitally important transaction, having profound end-time consequences.

Grant Barry began the discussion by posing three intriguing questions to the panelists regarding the reconnection that needs to happen in the body of Messiah/Christ in TONM (pages 2-4 R911 Second Edition).

Q. Is the reunion in TONM between the remnant of Israel (Jewish believers) and God’s children in the nations the epicenter in God’s end-time plan to restore His Ekklesia/church?

A. A unique transaction is about to take place in the body of Messiah/Christ as we reunite through the love of God in TONM between Jew and Gentile. It is a remarriage of sorts, with both sides contributing something special, but its wonder can be experienced only after the union has taken place.

The Romans 911 Project emphasizes this spiritual reconnection and the incredible power and blessings that await a reconnected church from the heart of God. “If their rejection (Israel) brought reconciliation to the world, what will their acceptance be but life from the dead?” (See Romans 11:15.)

The books and 12- to 14-hour video teaching series help us recognize all that is associated with the mystery of Israel’s spiritual rebirth and how it affects the body, as well as the adjustments we need to make to help bring it to fruition. But what we’ve yet to discover is that this reunion is the epicenter of this restoration in God’s family, fully restoring what Yeshua/Jesus created at the cross and resurrection.

Q. What is the Israel piece? And why is it significant to the end-time Reformation in the Ekklesia/church?

A. Romans 911 presents the Israel Piece (reconnecting Jewish and Gentile believers) as a golden key to open the door to the Father’s end-time plans for His Ekklesia/church. It explores how the church will be the catalyst to help bring about Israel’s awakening. This reunited ONM family sets the course for the prerequisite shift and reformation in the body of Messiah/Christ. We cannot view this process from either a Gentile or Messianic perspective. We must accede to the right of our understanding and see it anew through the heart of the Father for His family to be ONE.

Q. What is the Father’s heart in this equation and how is it expressed?

A. Through the reconnection in our Father’s heart, the joined body of Jewish and Gentile believers becomes the salvific agent to help bring about the fullness of Israel’s rebirth (salvation). This, in turn, helps to release the end-time harvest to the nations, ultimately ushering in worldwide revival and Yeshua/Jesus’ return. These two foci are intrinsically linked at this time (this reunion and the fullness of the Gentiles and Israel’s salvation, as described in Romans 11:25-26), but MUST now be in the correct order as the gospel is positioned to the Jew first! (See Romans 1:16.)

All of this will come about through a renewed focus on love, unity, praise and worship, intercessory prayer and evangelism through the Holy Spirit’s power and guidance. Our participation with the Holy Spirit contributes to the preparation of the bride for Yeshua/Jesus’ coming in the final days by completing and restoring the family of God.

Romans 911 explains and illustrates how the family can walk in greater liberty and tolerance for each in our distinctive expressions of faith and connection to God through Yeshua/Jesus. Love in action melts the barriers between all people and helps us respect each other’s differences. It releases the body into our unique callings and roles in God’s plan of redemption for all humanity. {eoa}

To watch the webinar, please click here.

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