Jentezen Franklin: Every Assignment Has a Birthplace

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Jentezen Franklin

I love the statement Jesus made in John 10:27: “My sheep hear My voice.” That is how He created us. He speaks to us, and we are able to hear Him speaking. Do you want to hear the voice of the Creator? Do you want to know Jesus more deeply? Do you want to know the direction He desires you to take in life? I do.

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Every assignment, every call of God, every direction from Him starts somewhere. God has specific assignments for your life. But how do you discover them? How will you hear His voice? How will you know His will for your life, His plans for you? Whom should you marry? Where should you live? What job should you take? What mission field is calling your name?

The answer can be found in the appeal Paul made to the Romans: “Present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable to God, which is your reasonable service,” (Rom. 12:1). Remember the three Christian duties? Giving, praying and fasting. That is how you “present” your body to God as a “living” sacrifice. Fasting keeps you sensitive to His Spirit, enabling you to live holy. Paul went
on to say, “And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.”

JF Fasting

I am convinced that we will never walk in the perfect will of God until we seek Him through fasting. When you present your body in this manner, you open yourself up to hear from God. You will prove or discover His good and perfect will for your life. Paul was fasting when God called him and shared the assignment for his life (Acts 9:7–9). Peter was fasting on the rooftop when God gave him a new revelation and called him to take the gospel to the Gentiles (Acts 10). Fasting prepares the way for God to give you fresh revelation, fresh vision and clear purpose.

Fasting is a tremendous weapon and a source of power in the life of a believer. The blessings in my life are directly attributed to the fasting in my life. I am not the greatest preacher; I don’t have the brilliant mind that some have, but God said He is no respecter of persons. When you honor and worship God by presenting your body as a living sacrifice through fasting, you too will know His assignments for your life.

Perhaps you are at a place of such desperation that you just cannot afford to miss God’s will for your life. I have known people who were literally facing life-or-death situations. They were trapped, they were under pressure by circumstances, and they were under attack by the enemy. The only possible way to survive was to draw near to God—from whose hand no one can snatch you—to hear His voice, and to follow His plan.

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Satan Hates When You Fast

Satan gets disturbed—and defeated—when you decide to do more than be a Sunday-morning Christian. The devil knows fasting releases God’s power.

Have you ever wondered why, of all things, Satan tempted Jesus at the end of His fast by provoking Him to turn stones into bread? Jesus had the power to do so, but He came to use His power to serve others, not Himself. Further, He was determined to complete the fast God had called Him to finish. Jesus knew that some of the benefits of fasting cannot be released otherwise—and so did the devil! When Jesus returned from that forty-day fast, He immediately began to do mighty miracles, “healing all who were oppressed by the devil,” (Acts 10:38). Satan needed to get Jesus focused on His appetite because if he didn’t, Jesus was going to receive power from God that would change the world!

Remember, the enemy’s agenda is to steal, kill and destroy you (John 10:10). Do you think the enemy wants you to believe that nothing is impossible for you?

He knows he is defeated, but he doesn’t want you to know it or to walk in that realm of God’s power. That is why it is so crucial for him to get you distracted. Don’t allow the enemies in your life to cause you to focus more on your appetite or circumstances than on the promises of God that are released when you employ the powerful weapon of fasting.

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