NHCLC Launches ‘The Urgency of Now’ Campaign for Immigration Reform

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In response to an unprecedented immigration crisis, the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, representing the largest Latino faith organization in the United States, has unveiled “The Urgency of Now” campaign.

This emergency national campaign aims to mobilize over 65 million Latino voters, with a special focus on the 20 million-strong Latino evangelical community, to advocate for comprehensive immigration reform before the 2024 election.

The initiative draws on successful collaborative strategies from previous campaigns, such as the “Faith and Education Coalition,” combining national grassroots advocacy with a robust digital-first media campaign.

Decades of political inaction and neglect have allowed the immigration crisis to persist, undermining both the rule of law and the values of compassion and decency that America holds dear. The NHCLC asserts that the nation stands at the threshold of reform, poised to move from the wilderness of political apathy to the promised land of “Just Integration,” blending border security with faith and family values.

Key Points of the NHCLC Campaign:

Securing Borders and Enforcing the Law:

  • Immediate action to halt illegal immigration, including the construction of a comprehensive border wall and ending catch-and-release policies.
  • Advocacy for a return to the stay-in-Mexico policy for individuals seeking asylum.
  • Opposition to the use of the U.S. military for deportation and support for adequate ICE funding.

Legal Status, Not Amnesty:

  • Proposal for a non-amnesty path to legal status and citizenship for long-standing undocumented residents.
  • Citizenship reserved for natural-born citizens or those who have legally entered and completed the naturalization process.
  • Inclusion of a guest worker program to integrate productive members of society.

Employer Responsibility:

  • Emphasis on employers verifying the legal status of employees.
  • Advocacy for a streamlined sponsorship process to allow immigrants to contribute to the workforce without burdening the welfare system.


  • Call for initiatives to help immigrants learn English and civics.
  • Combatting anti-American sentiments in public institutions to foster national unity and shared values.

Work, Not Welfare:

  • Urging reforms to welfare programs to incentivize gainful employment among immigrants.
  • Reducing dependence on government assistance to foster a culture of self-reliance.

The NHCLC believes that the call for comprehensive immigration reform is a moral imperative transcending partisan lines. It seeks to redefine the issue as a fundamentally moral concern, inviting individuals from all political affiliations to engage in constructive dialogue.

The campaign encourages a shared commitment to finding just and compassionate solutions that align with the core values defining the United States. It calls for collective action now to address immigration challenges in a way that reflects the best of American principles and fosters a more inclusive, compassionate society.

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