Morning Rundown: IHOPKC’s Fuller Dealing With New Developments

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IHOPKC’s Fuller Dealing With New Developments

In recent days, General Kurt Fuller has found himself facing pressure from The Advocate Group for yet another independent investigation. The veteran military officer and newly appointed leader of IHOPKC is navigating turbulent waters as he addresses the demands for transparency and accountability.

After finding credible evidence against IHOPKC founder Mike Bickle and his removal from leadership, former Executive Director Stuart Greaves stepped down as well, and General Fuller was appointed the new Executive Director of IHOPKC.

In a video statement, Fuller revealed the challenges he has encountered in dealing with The Advocate Group’s push for another investigation. He stated, “For the past several days, I’ve been under enormous pressure from The Advocate Group, their attorney and external leaders to immediately concede to their demands for yet another independent investigation.”

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Is This the Most Dangerous Social Media Trend?

What is manifesting, and why is it such a big deal? Well, the problem is, it’s trying to receive exactly what you want by your own will power. It’s about trying to make something happen by your own power, as if you and you alone have some type of cosmic ability to control everything in the universe. Synonyms for manifesting could be declaring, or evidencing. However, in the context that the world uses, this is far from biblical.

Manifesting is a spiritual idea that has found its way into celebrity culture and onto the dating scene as well. However, manifesting someone into your life, in any capacity, shows little regard for them as a person with their own emotions, value and free will.

Simply wanting things isn’t bad, but believing you can actually shift the atmosphere because of your own abilities places yourself in the position of God up above Him and His goodness and knowledge. God sees all, knows all, and without Him, none of us would even be here.

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Alex Jones: People Need the Holy Spirit

What does it say about the state of the church today when pastors shy away from teaching on eschatology and the end times in the fear of scaring away parishioners?

Even more so, what does it say when the controversial host of “Info Wars” Alex Jones is openly declaring the truth in the Bible and that people need the Holy Spirit if they are going to survive the end times deception coming our way?

In a recent sit-down with Gerald Morgan Jr. on the podcast “Gerald Apologizes Apologetics,” part of the Steven Crowder network, the two discussed the events taking place that point to humanity being in the end times, as well as Jones opening up about his personal life and how he believes that without the power of the Holy Spirit, people will fall to the wiles of the devil.

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