IHOPKC’s Fuller Dealing With New Developments

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James Lasher

In recent days, General Kurt Fuller has found himself facing pressure from The Advocate Group for yet another independent investigation. The veteran military officer and newly appointed leader of IHOPKC is navigating turbulent waters as he addresses the demands for transparency and accountability.

After finding credible evidence against IHOPKC founder Mike Bickle and his removal from leadership, former Executive Director Stuart Greaves stepped down as well, and General Fuller was appointed the new Executive Director of IHOPKC.

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In a video statement, Fuller revealed the challenges he has encountered in dealing with The Advocate Group’s push for another investigation. He stated, “For the past several days, I’ve been under enormous pressure from The Advocate Group, their attorney and external leaders to immediately concede to their demands for yet another independent investigation.”

Fuller acknowledges the importance of uncovering the truth, expressing his commitment to a fair and just process. He has sought to negotiate with The Advocate Group to obtain crucial information they claim to possess. Fuller remarked, “I have done everything in my power to negotiate with The Advocate Group, to convince them to tell me what they know. I believe that this information would be very important for me to learn.”

However, despite his efforts, The Advocate Group has not yet cooperated, “They have refused repeatedly. Instead, they have decided to post videos that contained some of the information that I was diligently and honestly seeking,” he said. These videos, according to Fuller, were created in December, even before he assumed leadership responsibilities.

This raises questions about the timing behind The Advocate Group’s actions. Fuller asserts, “I can’t understand why they would not have provided these videos to me to support their claims. I’m the one person who has both the authority and responsibility to properly adjudicate this case and hold people accountable. They haven’t even given me a chance to do that.”

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As a seasoned military officer, General Fuller draws on his wealth of knowledge and experience in negotiating with various entities, “I work with truth and facts. Rumors and unsubstantiated claims have no place in these dealings. That is the way I’ve always operated and still do,” Fuller says.

Expressing disappointment in The Advocate Group, Fuller believes their actions have undermined the trust and integrity needed as both parties navigate this sensitive investigation. Despite the challenges, General Fuller remains steadfast in his commitment to a fair investigative process. He has handed over videos to an independent investigator, emphasizing the importance of a comprehensive and unbiased examination, “I remain open to any credible evidence that can illuminate this situation, and I’m dedicated to following through with this process until its rightful conclusion,” Fuller says.

Fuller plans to wait for the independent investigation’s results and then use those findings to hold people accountable and address organizational shortcomings. As the IHOPKC and larger Christian community watch closely, he remains resolute in his mission to ensure transparency and justice.

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James Lasher is Staff Writer for Charisma Media.

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