Emmys Push Sinister Messages to Children

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James Lasher

In the wake of an Emmys program overshadowed by the Republican Iowa Caucus results, a dark message was broadcast to all who were tuning into the lackluster event.

While patting each other on the back for lineups of shows few people tune into, demonic forces were at play deceiving people and corrupting the design of God.

Winning an Emmy for Outstanding Host for a Reality or Competition Program for the eighth straight year, the champion of the drag queen movement in America, RuPaul Charles promoted drag storytime in libraries across the country.

“Listen, if a drag queen wants to read you a story at a library, listen to her,” Charles scolded while mis-gendering the men who pretend to be women.

“Knowledge is power,” he continued, “and if someone tries to restrict your access to power, they are trying to scare you.

“So listen to a drag queen!”

To drive the point home that RuPaul knows there is a culture war being fought in America right now, he was joined by a man in drag dressed as a “literal hell goblin” according to one drag reporter.

Yes, listen to those so entrenched in spiritual darkness and deception that they perform stripteases for children and openly mock Jesus Christ.

Thankfully, there are some, such as Kirk Cameron, pushing back against this indoctrination of children.

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According to Cameron’s website, he started “a national campaign uniting families all across America, BRAVE’s 2023 ‘See You at the Library’ Day united 300 hosts across 46 states. Next year, we hope to see you at the second annual ‘See You At The Library’ Day at your local library.”

These readings, instead of teaching gender fluidity and progressive agendas, educate and entertain children and families with wholesome, family content that honors traditional values. Something children are not taught in schools anymore, and certainly not on social media.

However, just because Cameron’s 2023 tour was a massive, nationwide success does not mean that the battle is won.

The enemy, who is Satan and the spiritual forces behind RuPaul’s deception, are working hard to corrupt an entire generation of children and lead them away from God’s love.

In fact, Cameron and other faith leaders need the everyday Christian parent to join in teaching children the principles and commandments of God. By having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, the next generation will be empowered to intercede for one another as they continue to answer the call of the Great Commission.

Perhaps the worst thing Christians can do during this time is to be lackadaisical about the sin permeating America. The Bible is a book of action, and without putting our faith into action (James 2:17), we might just as well not have any at all.

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James Lasher is Staff Writer for Charisma Media.

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