Morning Rundown: How ‘The Chosen’ Is Taking the Gospel to Millions

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How ‘The Chosen’ Is Taking the Gospel to Millions

The wildly popular TV series “The Chosen,” now in its fourth season, is likely to break records this week in terms of its audience. The show, which began as a low-budget project in 2017, has already been streamed by 600 million people. The first three episodes of Season 4 will be shown in theaters this week. My prediction is that Hollywood executives won’t be able to ignore its success.

Who would have ever imagined a few years ago that a crowdfunded TV show about the life of Jesus—spread out over seven seasons—would become a global phenomenon? Media observers expect “The Chosen” to gross more than $300 million when all episodes of Season 4 are shown on the big screen during the month of February. After that, the season will be aired on the Chosen app and on various streaming services including Netflix, Amazon and Peacock.

But the most exciting development is that “The Chosen” is beginning to gain big audiences overseas. The BBC ran a feature on the show’s popularity on Jan. 24, just before the London premiere of Season 4—and word on the street is that a sizable British fanbase is developing. Meanwhile in Brazil, “The Chosen” is now the fourth most-watched TV show on Netflix—and it’s in the top 10 throughout all of Latin America.

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Professor Rewrites Bible With Radical Edge

Attempts at rewriting and redefining the text within the Bible continue on what seems like a daily basis these days.

As this attack on the written Word of God continues in an attempt to deceive people as to what is considered righteous by God, few places target the Christian faith the way American universities and some radical professors do.

Recently, University of Dayton professor Esther Brownsmith made the incendiary claim the Bible actually supports transgenderism and that gender is a spectrum, not binary.

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Jentezen Franklin: Reward Openly for Fasting

God said, “Let the priests, who minister to the Lord, weep between the porch and the altar,” (Joel 2:17). On a house, the “porch” is the part everybody can see; it represents the more public aspects of your ministry. The altar represents private ministry. In the life of a believer, there should always be more private than public ministry to God.

When you read about Jesus, you do not see Him praying in public nearly as much as you see Him praying in private. The Bible says He would often pray through the night and have intimate times alone with His Father. Out of those times in private devotion, public demonstrations of God’s power would be poured forth in healings, raising of the dead, abundance and more.

Victories are not won in public but in private. That is why fasting, whether corporately or individually, is a private discipline. Where there is little private discipline, there is little public reward.

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